Nerd Food: DC Super Hero Girls Gummy Blobs Of Sugar

While browsing my grocery’s breakfast items, something jumped out at me. No seriously, the box fell off the shelf. To my sheer fangirl surprise, it was a box of DC Superhero Girls gummy shapes from Betty Crocker. I will be the first to admit that I will honestly buy almost anything with Batgirl on it, so this was the most no-brainer $2 I’ve spent this week. The box is really eye catching. Even if these suck I’ll keep the box because I’ve lost control of my life and became a hoarder.


Also the back has some cool cut outs!


So I decided one packet won’t kill me, and if they suck oh well.



What the obtuse heck. I can only make out Supergirl’s ‘S’, and they gave her some crappy blue flavor. The rest were about as exciting as watching paint dry, and I still have bits of gummy in my teeth.  If you have kids, this is a winner, but if you’re adult you may want to pass.

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