Nerd Food: Wonder Woman And The Mighty Dr. Pepper


While I write this up for Bleeding Cool, I think it’s important to note that I have the Rifftrax Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. It’s proven to be both inspiring and awe inducing, and goes along great with my Wonder Woman Dr. Pepper.


Just kidding, this movie is goddamn terrible and adds nothing to the soda. Since Wonder Woman is due out in a matter of weeks (June 2!) movie tie ins have started to hit stores. While I don’t equate soda with super heroes (doesn’t seem like something they would drink. Maybe the Flash would. He seems hip.) I appreciate the hell out of this product. Dr. Pepper had a Batman v Superman: Rise of Justice tie in for that movie, so this only makes sense. Depending on what flavor you get, you’ll get a unique Wonder Woman design. I stuck with regular old Dr. Pepper because I’m a boring person.


The cans are actually pretty cool looking. And yes, there is a Fandango coupon on them too…which I’ll assume we’re all going to use for our WW ticket purchases. If you’re in the grocery store and there’s a sale on Dr. Pepper, why not pick up a case! The cans would look awesome in your fridge.




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