McFarlane Toys Reveals First DC COmics Figures, Up For Order Now!

McFarlane Toys Reveals First DC Comics Figures, In Stores this Month!

McFarlane Toys, after months of speculaiton and little news, have finally revealed their first figures from their new DC Multiverse line of figures. Each figure will stand at 7 inches tall, and feature 22 points of articulation, along with all the detailed sculpting work and care we have come to know from them. Also included […]

7 Character Posters for "Birds of Prey" Highlights the Core Cast

3 Cameos We Would Like to See in “Birds of Prey”

The upcoming DC film Birds of Prey will unite a strong team of characters, with the return of fan-favorite Harley Quinn. The unpredictable Quinn will be joined by several new additions to the DCEU, including Huntress and Black Canary to round out the iconic comic book squad, even adding Cassandra Cain who was once known […]

First Look at the New Oracle from Batgirl #37

Is This Our First Look at a New Oracle from Batgirl #37?

Next week, Year of the Villain comes to the pages of Batgirl, with the cardstock villain variant featuring a new Oracle. Wait, what? Yeah, we knew Oracle was coming “back” in the issue, but is this Gus Yale from the Batgirl and the Birds of Prey series? Or someone new? It’s certainly not Barbara, that’s […]

Batman Vs TMNT Figures Sets Coming Exclusively to Gamestop

Batman Vs TMNT Figures Sets Coming Exclusively to Gamestop

Batman Vs TMNT figures are coming exclusively to Gamestop stores this fall. DC Collectibles has teamed with Nickelodeon to produce five two-packs of figures based on this years animated feature, releasing in September-December of this year. September will see the release of the Batman and Leonardo pack and the Robin and Raphael pack. October is […]

"DC Super Hero Girls" Are Back And Better Together [SPOILER REVIEW]

“DC Super Hero Girls”: Back and Better Than Ever – Together [SPOILER REVIEW]

The new DC Super Hero Girls series on Cartoon Network premiered on March 8 (International Women’s Day) to much fanfare and positive reviews. However, after an excellent hour-long premier and four strong (if narrowly focused) follow-up episodes, the show disappeared. For five weeks viewers wondered when or if the show would return. Finally, on May 12th, the […]

It Looks Like Batgirl Will Be Guest-Starring in Tom King's Batman Soon

It Looks Like Batgirl Will Be Guest-Starring in Tom King’s Batman Soon

Batman writer Tom King is a former C.I.A. spy, so it’s reasonable to assume he’s well-versed in the art of propaganda and foreign coups, and King puts one of those talents to good use regularly in promoting his upcoming comics. King often posts small teases from the interior art of upcoming Batman comics on Twitter, […]

‘DC Super Hero Girls’ on Cartoon Network – Missing In Action? [OPINION]

Cartoon Network launched an all new DC Super Hero Girls series on March 8 (International Women’s Day) to much fanfare and positive reviews. The network then followed up the 60 minute premier with four 15 minute episodes running in March and April – but ever since April 7, Cartoon Network has been mining the five existing […]

Year of the Villain

Oracle Returns in July’s Batgirl #37 for Year of the Villain

Once upon, the Joker shot Barbara Gordan, paralyzing here. But the then-former Batgirl found a new role as Oracle, coordinating the operations of the Bat-family and becoming more formidable from behind her command center than even when she wore the cowl. But Barbara Gordon returned to being Batgirl with DC’s Nu52 relaunch, part of an […]

Did ‘Gotham’ Already Introduce A New Bat-Family Member? [THEORY]

Friends, we are a little over halfway towards the series finale of Gotham on FOX. With a season that has already given us a lot of surprises, there’s one that many of us may not have realized – at least until now. I’m going to need you to bear with me on this one, because […]

Check Out Quantum Mechanix Adorable New Bat-Family Q-Master Diorama

The Bat-Family is being honored as the first piece in Quantum Mechanix new line “Q-Master”, which they are calling the evolution of their popular Q-Figs line. These will be cast in polyresin and have more heft than a regular Q-Fig, that is for sure. This first one features the lighter side of the Dark Knight, […]

Let’s Talk About That ‘Birds of Prey’ Teaser, Shall We?

This morning, Warner Bros. “accidentally on purpose” released the first teaser trailer for their upcoming girlpower film Birds of Prey and the Fantabulous Emancipation of one Harley Quinn. It’s short, it doesn’t have any dialog, but we do get some pretty great first looks at the characters we’ll be meeting and the new costume design for […]

Warner Bros. “Leaks” First ‘Birds of Prey’ Teaser Trailer

Occasionally, a studio will “leak” a photo, casting news, or even a trailer for the express purpose of exciting fans. It seems that may be what happened this morning, with the first bit of footage from Warner Bros. Pictures upcoming Birds of Prey And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn. It’s obviously a tease for […]

Batgirl Returns to Burnside in April

It looks like Batgirl is going back to Burnside this April, as revealed in DC’s solicitations which were leaked on 4chan by an anonymous user. Batgirl has been at odds with her father, Commissioner Gordon, and in April’s Batgirl #34, Barbara is forced to move out into her own apartment, so of course she chooses to […]

Sideshow Collectibles Batgirl Premium Format 1

Batgirl Gets Her Own Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure

Batgirl has her very own Premium Format Figure from Sideshow Collectibles going up for preorder this Thursday. There will be two versions: a regular edition for $560 and an exclusive version featuring an alternate face portrait for $575. The statue will stand at 21 inches and also features a poseable cape. These will go up […]