Power Rangers #50 Shocker: Reality to Be Shattered by Return of Fan-Favorite Character

Power Rangers #50 Shocker: Reality to Be Shattered by Return of Fan-Favorite Character

Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios has today announced the “Reality-Shattering” return of a fan-favorite character in the upcoming milestone 50th issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It is very courteous of the comic book publisher to give us advance warning of the impending shattering of reality so that we can all put our affairs in order […]

"Marvel Strike Force" Receives A New Set Of Brawlers

“Marvel Strike Force” Receives A New Set Of Brawlers

FoxNext Games has a new update released today for Marvel Strike Force, bringing in a new set of brawlers for you to pair up with. You’ll get two familiar faces in Cyclops from the X-Men and Symbiote Spider-Man in all his Secret Wars glory. But with them, you’ll also be picking up Karnak and Crystal […]

Heartbeat #4 [Preview]

Teen Drama Abounds in this FOC First Look at Heartbeat #4 [Preview]

When we last published a preview featuring work by superstar lettering AndWorld Design, we asked the important question: who names their kid AndWorld? Well, Bleeding Cool is proud to continue bringing you the comic book news that matters, because we have our answer: @judeterror my parents thought the "US And World News" section of the […]

“The Masked Singer” Season 3: With Apologies to Men at Work, Colin Hay [VIDEO]

FOX‘s The Masked Singer definitely didn’t suffer from a “sophomore slump” with its second season – series host Nick Cannon and our “core four” judging panel of Ken Jeong, Jenny McCarthy, Nicole Scherzinger, and Robin Thicke proved why the celebrity singing competition has become an international sensation. So what could they possibly do to one-up […]

The "Trials of Mana" Remake and "Mana Collection" Coming to Nintendo Switch

“Trials Of Mana” Gets A New Character Spotlight Trailer

This week, Square Enix released another character spotlight trailer for Trials Of Mana as we slowly get closer to the game’s release. This time around they decided to showcase Hawkeye and Riesz, to give you a better idea of how the character balance will come out in the wash. Trials Of Mana is set for […]

Ubisoft Reveal More Details On The Six Invitational 2020

Ubisoft Reveals More Details On The Six Invitational 2020

Ubisoft is getting ready for the finale to the 2019-2020 Rainbow Six Siege season with The Six Invitational 2020 next month, and new details are out about the event. First up, we now know all of the teams taking place in the tournament, which we have listed below. A number of returning champions and contenders […]

Learn Why Winston Joined the Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters: Year One #1

Learn Why Winston Joined the Ghostbusters in Ghostbusters: Year One #1

With a new Ghostbusters movie set to come out this year, fans new and old likely have a lot of questions. Most important among them: will we or will we not be getting another release of Ecto Cooler? Because, for real, if there’s no Ecto Cooler, there’s no way we can support this film. Additionally, […]

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“Killer Queen Black” Receives Several Additions With Hydra Update

Killer Queen Black has been doing alright since its release, bringing the arcade hit to home consoles. Now it has a new update adding more content. Liquid Bit and BumbleBear Games, have released the Hydra Update (1.60) with a ton of new additions, most of which don’t require anything online to use. The first big addition is […]

Umbrella Academy TV Show Gets an Art Book from Dark Horse

Umbrella Academy TV Show Gets an Art Book from Dark Horse

On a basic level, once could argue that the art book for the television adaptation of Umbrella Academy would be the comics upon which they’re based, which are Umbrella Academy books that feature art. Dark Horse Comics disagrees, however, as they’re releasing a 200-page, $40 art book called The Making of the Umbrella Academy. The […]

The First Trailer for "The Invisible Man" Teases a Psychological Thriller

“The Invisible Man”: Elizabeth Moss Talks the Abuse Analogy Plus a New Image

Universal Pictures tried to do their own version of a shared cinematic universe with their monster movies but the Dark Universe didn’t end up panning out. That doesn’t mean that Universal isn’t going to make movies starring those infamous monsters though; it just means they are going in a different direction. In the case of The […]

Review: Games Workshop's "Katakros" Miniature - "Age of Sigmar"

Review: Games Workshop’s “Katakros” Miniature – “Age of Sigmar”

Hello loyal readers! We at Bleeding Cool got a chance to review Games Workshop’s model for Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis and Supreme Strategist of the Ossiarch Empire* for Warhammer: Age of Sigmar! (*: Please note that while this model’s full name is indeed “Katakros, Mortarch of the Necropolis” and given the epithet of “Supreme […]

Dan Fraga to Relaunch Black Flag

Dan Fraga is Bringing Back Black Flag in 2020

Dan Fraga will be crowdfunding the return of Black Flag in April. The outline is written. He has cover inks by what he describes as some heavy-hitting all-stars and has an inspiring creative team lined up. That’s all he’s saying for now. In the early nineties, Dan Fraga was hired straight out of high school […]

“Kung Fu” Film Remake with David Leitch Directing for Universal

“Kung Fu” Film Remake with David Leitch Directing for Universal

David Leitch is quickly becoming the go-to director for action blockbusters following the success of Atomic Blonde. John Wick, Deadpool 2, and Fast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Universal Pictures now trusts him with the film remake of the 1972 television series Kung Fu, according to Deadline Hollywood. “Kung Fu” 1972 Plot Created by […]

Daybreak Games Announces

Daybreak Games Announces New Names For Three Of Its Studios

Daybreak Games had an interesting announcement today as they have renamed three of their studios with newly assigned responsibilities. The three new studios are Dimensional Ink, Rogue Planet Games, and  Darkpaw Games. As far as the studio breakdown of games, here’s the plan they have moving forward. Dimensional Ink will be focusing on DC Universe Online […]

Batman Forever, Returns, and More Revealed at London Toy Fair

Funko London Toy Fair: All the Pop Reveals in One Place

Funko really brought their A-game yesterday as they revealed a massive set of upcoming Pop Vinyl figures. With so many reveals you could easily have looked over a couple of the series that was unveiled. So we have gathered all the reveals from the London Toy Fair all in one place for easy access. Fans […]

IDW Announces New Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Mini for April

IDW Announces New Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Mini for April

Great news for the hardcore fandom of Star Trek, a group colloquially known as Trekbronies, as IDW has announced a new Star Trek: Deep Space Nine comic book mini-series launching this April. From writers David Tipton and Scott Tipton and artist Greg Scott, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Too Long a Sacrifice is focused on […]

hugo weaving

Hugo Weaving Talks Not Returning to MCU, Matrix Franchises

Hugo Weaving participated in some of the biggest film franchises with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Tolkien, and The Matrix. The 59-year old actor completed Peter Jackson’s Tolkien-related projects in The Lord of the Rings trilogy and final The Hobbit film. Weaving spoke to Time Out on what happened in his talks with Marvel and Warner Bros […]

Nintendo Reveals What They're Bringing To SDCC 2019

Nintendo Gets A Jury Verdict Overturned In Wii Remote Case

Nintendo announced this morning that a federal court in Dallas ruled that a patent asserted against the company’s Wii remote was not valid. Back in 2017, a jury awarded $10.1 million to iLife Technologies Inc. over an infringed patent revolving around the remote. The two companies have actually been battling each other in court for […]

locke & key

“Locke & Key”: The Key That Brings Your Thoughts to Life [TEASER]

Netflix‘s upcoming adaptation of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez‘s comic book Locke & Key has had a bit of an adventure of its own over the past year or so. Originally Hulu-bound, the ten-episode, supernatural-fantasy drama from Hill, co-showrunner/EP Carlton Cuse, and IDW Entertainment went through some major behind-the-scenes creative changes as it switched streamers. Now with only […]

Hasbro Announces New Mobile Game "G.I. Joe: War On Cobra"

“G.I. Joe: War On Cobra” Is Giving Away Free Characters

The folks at Emerald City Games are giving away free characters in G.I. Joe: War On Cobra, and you can get one to help out your forces in the game. The mobile game launched this week on iOS and Android devices, in which you can fight with Joe’s or Cobra to control the game board. […]

“Bond”: “No Time to Die” Teaser Promotes Wednesday Trailer

8 New Pictures from “No Time To Die” Show Off the Main Cast

It’s been quite the journey to get No Time To Die to the big screen. The production schedules for James Bond movies tend to be a bit of a hellscape but this one seemed to be even worse than usual. There was a debate for a long time whether or not star Daniel Craig would return and […]

Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG

Secretlab Launches New Collaboration With Esports Team OG

This morning, Secretlab announced a brand new collaboration for a gaming chair, this time with two-time Dota 2 The International champs OG. As you can see below, the “Dream OG” chair comes with the team’s official logo and branding, not to mention their team colors. Plus, as an added bonus, the right shoulder has two […]

Wale To Perform At Royal Ravens "Call Of Duty" League Home Series

Wale To Perform At Royal Ravens “Call Of Duty” League Home Series

Another performer has jumped on to perform during the Royal Ravens inaugural home series, as Wale will perform during the Call Of Duty League event. ReKTGlobal was happy to announce today that the rapper and lyricist will kick off the opening night concert for fans in attendance. Wale joins DJ Nicky Romero, who will headline […]

Bandai Namco Announces “Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions’

Bandai Namco has announced this morning a new entry into the Captain Tsubasa series, game Captain Tsubasa: Rise Of New Champions. Based on the works of Yoichi Takahashi, the game chronicles the athletic adventures and mishaps of Tsubasa Ozora. As well as the team he plays for and the success they have under his leadership. […]

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Sonic The Hedgehog Figurine Collection From Eaglemoss Goes Retro

Remember when they first released the new Sonic The Hedgehog film trailer last year and everybody started calling for classic Sonic the Hedgehog rather than the strange redesign we originally got? The producers were obviously listening (and came back with a new trailer) but it seems the folks at Hero Collector were listening as well […]

Comics Colourist Peter Pantazis Needs Your Help To Save His Home

You may recognise Peter Pantazis‘ name for his long carer as a colourist, colouring comics including 51 issues of Trinity, 30 of Justice League of America, 26 of Earth 2, 35 of Powers, 23 of Astro City, 18 of New X-Men and 17 of Blue Beetle. Hundreds and hundreds in total. But in recent years, […]

altered carbon

“Altered Carbon” Season 2 Finishes Re-Sleeving This February [TEASER]

One of the best things Netflix‘s Altered Carbon has going for it? Trying new things is pretty much built into the DNA of the series’ concept via “sleeves”. Which is why Joel Kinnaman can spend the first season playing Takeshi Kovacs – only for the role to be handed over to Anthony Mackie (Disney+’s upcoming series […]

"Fortnite" & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

“Fortnite” & TikTok Come Together For An Emote Contest

Epic Games has gotten together with TikTok to have another crossover event in Fortnite, but this time around, there’s immortality at stake. Kinda. The two are throwing an Emote Royale, which is basically a contest to create a new emote for the game. The entry process is free and pretty simple. First, you need to […]

EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids

EXCLUSIVE ART: Joe Illidge and Hannibal Tabu headline MPLS Sound from Humanoids

Veteran comics editor Joe Illidge (Milestone, Valiant, A Wave Blue World) and writer Hannibal Tabu (2012 Top Cow Talent Hunt, 2019 City of Los Angeles Cultural Trailblazer) joined together to create a journey through a formative time in American musical history. Publisher’s Weekly revealed some details about a new original graphic novel from Humanoids called […]

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases January 21-27, 2020

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases January 21-27, 2020

We’re still chugging along through the month of January, recovering from the holidays and the snow, waiting for video game releases to get back to normal. We got a few new ones for you this week, but the majority of what’s out are re-releases on new consoles. Plus some DLC here and there. Check out […]

“Disintegration” Is Getting A Technical Beta Next Week

Private Division and V1 Interactive have announced that there will be a technical beta taking place next week for their upcoming title Disintegration. If you’re not familiar with the game, this is the new first-person shooter from Halo co-creator Marcus Lehto‘s studio V1. We had a chance to play a little of the game at […]

Joseph Elliott Coleman – Writer of Judge Dredd: The Judges: Patriots – On Fascism

A few months, Bleeding Cool noted that an old friend, Joseph Elliott-Coleman was getting some rather major comics-related work, contributing a prose story to the new Judges Vol 2 anthology, set in the 2000AD world of Judge Dredd and published by Rebellion. I’d been talking with Joseph about his creative writing plans for some time, and I couldn’t be happier. […]

Funko London Toy Fair Reveals - Eazy-E, Weezer, Lil Wayne, and More!

Funko London Toy Fair Reveals – Eazy-E, Weezer, Lil Wayne, and More!

This is the final reveal to come from Funko from the London Toy Fair and it brings the voices of many angels. To finish off their day of madness they are using some sweet voices in this set of reveals as some music artists are finally getting popified. The first one is the only one […]

Batman Beyond #25 Jumps to $30 On eBay

Batman Beyond #25, #36, #37 and Tomorrow’s #40 Jump Over Batwoman Spoilers

Courtesy of tomorrow’s Batman Beyond #40, spoilers for which are all over the place regarding the identity of the new Batwoman of the future, Batman Beyond #25 has been jumping in value. Copies have sold on eBay for up to $30, while a combination of issues #36 and #37 have sold for $36 together. While […]

Buy "Animal Crossing: New Horizons" at Best Buy For a Special Gift

Buy “Animal Crossing: New Horizons” at Best Buy For a Special Gift

If you’re planning on picking Animal Crossing: New Horizons when it debuts, you might want to put your pre-order in at Best Buy. You can get a special reusable Tom Nook badge for your trouble by doing so. It’s technically a “phone and tech badge” from the likes of Controller Gear. You can remove it […]

IDW Ch-ch-Changes to Transformers, Sonic The Hedgehog and Rom: Dire Wraiths

IDW Ch-Ch-Changes to Transformers, Sonic The Hedgehog and Rom: Dire Wraiths

We normally do this for Marvel and DC Comics. But now we find ourselves doing it for IDW Publishing, The changes between solicitation and publication. Transformers Valentine’s Day Special #1, solicited as being written by Patrick Ehlers, Kate Leth & Cohen Edenfield will now be written by Patrick Ehlers & Sara Pitre-Durocher. Transformers #18, solicited […]

Funko London Toy Fair Reveals - Slipnot, ZZ Top, Slayer, and More!

Funko London Toy Fair Reveals – Slipknot, ZZ Top, Slayer, and More!

Music is one thing that can bind people together and the other thing is obviously collectibles and Funko is finally bringing them closer. We are finally coming to a close of the Funko Pop reveals from the London Toy Fair and these last ones are really bringing down the house. We are looking at some […]

The Return Of Deadline Magazine - Again

The Return Of Deadline Magazine – Again

Four years ago, we started to hear about a revival of the classic comics-and-music magazine Deadline that originated the comic character Tank Girl by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett. It featured reprints of American strips like Hate, Love And Rockets and Milk & Cheese. It profiled the British music industry and rising bands, through Madchester and into […]

Team17 Announce "Yooka-Laylee and the Impossible Lair" For E3 2019

“Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair” Is Getting A Free Demo

Some cool news from Playtonic and Team17 as Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair will be getting a free demo to try out the game. The news came down on the developer’s Twitter feed, letting fans know there will be a version of the demo for all platforms they’re releasing on. Steam will get the first […]