Gamevil Announces “NBA Now” For Mobile, Launching Today

A big day for mobile releases as Gamevil has launched a brand new NBA title onto iOS and Android as fans can play NBA Now today. The game puts you in the role of General Manager of one of the NBA teams, giving you the chance to customize your roster and take them to a […]

Matts Kindt and Smith Launch Folklords at BOOM! in November

Folklords #1 Is The Biggest Creator-Owned Launch of Matt Kindt’s Career

Last week we told you that comic shop retailers were the ones generating quite a bit of buzz for Matt Kindt and Matt Smith’s Folklords #1, their new creator owned series launch from BOOM! Studios in November that flips the Harry Potter paradigm on its head, taking a kid from as fantasy world on a quest […]

FoxNext Games Announces "Storyscape" Launch On Mobile Today

FoxNext Games Announces “Storyscape” Launch On Mobile Today

This morning, FoxNext Games have launched their latest mobile title onto iOS and Android as you get to explore the worlds of Storyscape. This is an interactive story series in which you can play one of a few different stories where your choices dictate where you go. What’s more, they got some familiar IP titles […]

“Jo” Mullein Will Replace Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern For DC Comics' 5G

Will Jo Mullein Replace Hal Jordan as the Green Lantern For DC Comics’ 5G?

Bleeding Cool was the first to break the news that 5G existed, and then in the light of the DC Nation Panel, what it was. The Fifth Generation of DC Comics storytelling and one that will see a number of major DC Comics characters relinquish their roles and their superhero name picked up by someone […]

"Call of Duty: Modern Warfare" Is Apparently Doing Away With Loot Boxes

Check Out the Latest Video Game Releases For October 22-28, 2019

We’re on our way out of October soon, but before we hit Halloween, we got a number of video game releases to get to. A few of them heavy hitters. Check out the full list of games below, choose your titles wisely, and as always, have fun! October 22nd Beholder 2 (PS4) Bonfire (PS4) Day […]

Is Doomsday Clock Based on a Massive Plothole?

We’re in the era of Unauthorized Watchmen Sequels, what with the premiere of Damon Lindelof’s HBO TV series and the republication of Watchmensch by Heavy Metal. The TV series runs in an odd parallel to the other unauthorized sequel, Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s miniseries Doomsday Clock. We’re one issue away from the final issue […]

Skateboarding Adventure "Session" Delayed on Xbox One

Skateboarding Adventure “Session” Delayed on Xbox One

If you were looking forward to skating game Session, you’re going to be waiting a little longer to give it a try. It looks like developer Crea-ture Studios confirmed that the game has now officially been delayed. It was supposed to make its debut on Xbox One this month, right after its release on Steam […]

Colleen Doran and Matt Hawkins’ The Clock is Coming – Tick, Tick, Tick…

Back in 2016, Top Cow Publisher and President Matt Hawkins posted; What would happen if people started dying around the world in record numbers from cancer? It appears to be spreading like a virus and it’s fast. By the time it’s diagnosed it’s too late… An eugenics conspiracy thriller about overpopulation, scarce resources and survival […]

"WILL: A Wonderful World" Switch Limited Physical Edition Out This Week

“WILL: A Wonderful World” Switch Limited Physical Edition Out This Week

Looking forward to snagging your own physical copy of the WMY Studio game WILL: A Wonderful World? Pre-orders are available now, with units debuting on October 23. The game will run you $79.99 and is a Nintendo Switch exclusive. This is a different version than the standard physical edition on both Switch and PlayStation 4, […]

"Diablo 4" May Have Been Leaked By A German Artbook Listing

“Diablo 4” May Have Been Leaked By A German Artbook Listing

We all know Diablo Immortal for mobile devices is on the way, but what about Diablo 4? An ad in the latest copy of German magazine GameStar may have just confirmed the game’s existence. The ad appears on page 27 of the magazine, and is meant to promote an upcoming Diablo artbook. Here’s the text […]

What Secret Comics Will DC Be Publishing at the End of 2020?

What Secret Comics Will DC Be Publishing at the End of 2019?

The final new comic book day of 2019 will be on Boxing Day, Thursday, December the 26th, the day after Christmas. There will be reduced comic books out that week and stores will receive them the week before, hiding them in the back. We’ve managed to get the list of all the comics – and […]

Details Emerge About The PUBG Global Championship 2019

Details Emerge About The PUBG Global Championship 2019

PUBG Corp. released new information this week about the upcoming PUBG Global Championship 2019 taking place in Oakland, California next month. We now know the PGC will take place across three weekends, starting with a Group Stage (November 8th-10th) and Semifinals (November 15th-17th) held at the OGN Super Arena in Manhattan Beach, California. After that, […]

Lake Como - the Most Beautiful Comic Art Convention in the World

Lake Como – the Most Beautiful Comic Con in the World

Some comic conventions are about comics. Some about wrestlers. Many are somewhere in between. But Lake Como Comic Con is about artwork. The guests are all comic book artists – some write as well, but it’s all about the art. It’s a place to buy original art from the artists, get commissions, buy sketchbooks (sketched […]

24 Comics for £10 in Marvel Advent Calendar From ASDA

24 Comics for £10 in Marvel Advent Calendar From ASDA

Well, this is a bargain and no mistake. It may not be Hallowe’en yet, let along Bonfire Night, but Christmas has already come to British stores. Packs of mince pies are out, shops are selling stocking fillers and the Advent Calendars are upon us. But the Walmart-owned ASDA chain has something no one else seems […]

Valve Launches Steam Remote Play Together Beta

Valve Launches Steam Remote Play Together Beta

Valve Corporation launched a new system for Steam players to try out in beta as you can now experiment with Steam Remote Play Together. The entire concept of the system is to essentially allow couch co-op onto your Steam account, as you can now invite Steam Friends for local multiplayer with a shared/split-screen system. You […]

The Daily LITG, 22nd October 2019, Happy Birthday Steven Grant

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The bigger news, slightly knocked back yesterday, involves the future of Image Comics – and its aim to sell more than DC Comics with a new […]

Someone Made A GameCube Version Joy-Con For The Nintendo Switch

Someone Made A GameCube Version Joy-Con For The Nintendo Switch

Have you ever been playing a Nintendo Switch and thought to yourself “Gee, I wish I had an out-of-date controller for these joy-cons”? Someone made that. SADES has designed this GameCube style set of joy-cons, complete with the same kind of thumbstick in the upper-left while mimicking the style of the button scheme on the […]

Dave Sim Does Cerebus/Swamp Thing in Vark Wars #1

Listen to Dave Sim Sing Cerebus: Vark-Thing Very Badly Indeed

We mentioned that Dave Sim, Cerebus creator, had yet another of his Cerebus In Hell one-shots, Vark-Thing which, if counted alongside his original Cerebus issues, would put him ahead of Todd McFarlane‘s Spawn #301 numbering – and maybe a renumbering was in order to retake that crown. Which might be something for him to sing […]

“Pokémon GO” Announces GO Battle League For 2020

“Pokémon GO” Announces GO Battle League For 2020

Today, Niantic announced a new addition coming to Pokémon GO in 2020 as there will finally be competition with the GO Battle League. For ages, it feels like, players have been asking for that traditional battle mode with real competitions as you experience in almost every other Pokémon game since the franchise started. The new […]

City University of London Launches Refugee Comics Course for MA Degree

City University of London Launches Refugee Comics Course for MA Degree

The City University of London is launching a new module for their English Master Of Arts degree, which will allow students to make more choices by looking at refugee comics as well as traditional texts and novels. The Image and Text module which is led by Dr Dominic Davies, Lecturer in English, will focus on […]

The Road to “Castle Rock” Season 2: EP Dustin Thomason on Going “Misery”, Stephen King Influences & More [INTERVIEW]

With Hulu’s critically-acclaimed Stephen King “shared universe” series Castle Rock having premiered its second season at New York Comic Con (NYCC) 2019 and the series set to debut on October 23 to strong early reviews, executive producer/showrunner Dustin Thomason as well as cast members Lizzy Caplan, Tim Robbins, Elsie Fisher, Paul Sparks, and Matthew Alan sat down with Bleeding Cool to discuss what fans […]

The Flash Breaks the Speedforce with New Hot Toys Figure

The Flash Breaks the Speedforce with New Hot Toys Figure

The Flash and Arrow are two of my favorite shows from the DCTV Arrowverse universe. These series started my expanded collecting, from Funko to DC Collectibles and much more. With the shows a long list of characters I’m surprised we don’t see a lot more collectibles come from those series. DC hasn’t been so hot in the movies, […]

Chuck Dixon Publishes Two Novels in One for Hallowe’en, Gomers and Blooded

Bane co-creator Chuck Dixon has two horror novels coming out for Hallowe’en. So he’s decided to release them together as one, a double pack on Amazon Kindle. Gomers and Blooded. Here’s the listing.   BESTSELLING AUTHOR CHUCK DIXON DELIVERS HIS UNIQUE TAKE ON VAMPIRES AND ZOMBIES IN THE PARANORMAL DOUBLE PACK (Yes, the same Chuck […]

rick and morty

“Rick and Morty” Season 4: Adult Swim Reveals 5 Episode Titles [VIDEO]

Fans of Adult Swim‘s Rick and Morty are couting the days down until Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland‘s animated mayhem returns to grace their screens once more (with five episode airing in 2019, beginning Sunday, November 10, at 11:30 p.m). Now that we’re less than a month away until the premiere (possibly less if we […]

Riot Games Sues Riot Squad For Trademark Infringement

Riot Games Sues Riot Squad For Trademark Infringement

Riot Games has some more legal troubles on their plate, only this time they’re seeking it as they’ve decided to sue the esports group Riot Squad. The lawsuit stems from a trademark infringement claim, with RG saying RS stole the “riot” part of the name. The Chicago-based esports team was founded earlier this year, setting […]

The Biggest, Baddest Spoilers for The Walking Dead #192

“Zombieland: Double Tap” Early Draft Featured “Ghostbusters” Reunion

Zombieland: Double Tap almost had a different post-credit ending if things went as planned. The theatrical post-credit scene bore little to do with the overall plot of the film. It makes up for an event during the first film. There are SPOILERS from here on out. . . . The original post-credit scene had Bill […]

Auto Draft

Bandai Namco Shows Off New “Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot” Screenshots

Bandai Namco have revealed more pictures for their upcoming release of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, showing off more characters in the process. Some of the fun images we got this time around show off images from the Buu Saga, which is one of the more interesting but convoluted story arcs in the entire series. We […]

BOOM! to Publish a Firefly Comic Starring Nathan Fillion's Mom

Nathan Fillion’s Mom Will Finally Get Her Own Firefly Comic at BOOM!

Firefly, the television show, may have been prematurely canceled, but the franchise has lived on in other mediums thanks to the undying support of the show’s hardcore fanbase, colloquially known as firebronies, who relentlessly campaign for it to be brought back. Explosive publisher BOOM! Studios is more than happy to oblige, and their latest comic […]

the boys

According to Nielsen, “The Boys” Are What You Want – What You Really, Really Want

It’s been a long haul, people – but by now, millions of you know it was more than worth the wait. Amazon Prime Video‘s adaptation of Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson‘s comic book series The Boys has been sticking some righteously sweet superhero three-point landings since it premiered on Friday, July 26 – and spoiler? Check out Bleeding Cool’s two-scoops-of-spoilers-filled […]

Robin Becomes a Samurai with New XM Studios Statue

Robin Becomes a Samurai with New XM Studios Statue

Robin is a constant in the Batman universe. Originally it started with Dick Grayson who became Nightwing. Then it was Jason Todd, who after some tragic events ended up as the Red Hood. Next, was Tim Drake who upgraded to Red Robin and now just Drake. The newest one is Batman’s son and the grandson […]

Trademark Infringement in Terrifics #21 [Preview]

Trademark Infringement in Terrifics #21 [Preview]

For the Year of the Villain, The Terrifics are going up against a mirror image team in The Terribles, led by Bizarro and featuring bizarro versions of the Terrifics team members. The goal of the Terribles involves time travel, and as such they’ve been dragging the entire world back in time with them. Last issue […]

Human Lost: A Futuristic Thriller Brings the Popular Novel to Life

“Human Lost”: A Futuristic Thriller Brings the Popular Novel to Life

The anime film Human Lost tackles a cyberpunk future with intensity and a surprising showing of heart as one of Japan’s most established stories is brought to life. The film follows Yoza Oba, a struggling man who’s privy to strange dreams that ultimately change the direction of his life in this unique adaptation. Based on […]

Javier Baez Named "MLB The Show 20" Cover Athlete

Javier Baez Named “MLB The Show 20” Cover Athlete

Sony Interactive Entertainment announced today that the cover athlete for MLB The Show 20 will be Javier Baez of the Chicago Cubs. The news came with the standard array of special editions of the game for you to buy when the game is released for the PS4. We have a couple quotes about the move […]

"Trick r' Treat 2" Possibility Remains Up to Legendary Pictures

“Trick r’ Treat 2” Possibility Remains Up to Legendary Pictures

The Halloween themed Trick ‘r Treat has earned itself a cult following over the years and many have hoped that the franchise could receive a chance to return once again. After the possibility being brought up by director Michael Dougherty, there hadn’t been any official word until he recently spoke up about the project and […]

Javier Dominguez Wins Mythic Championship V! - "Magic: The Gathering"

Javier Dominguez Wins Mythic Championship V! – “Magic: The Gathering”

Congratulations to Javier Dominguez for winning Magic: The Gathering: Arena‘s fifth Mythic Championship! Javier ran a Gruul (red-green) Aggro deck throughout the event, and bested a multitude of other professional players, including Stanislav “StanCifka” Cifka (whose rise and return to Magic we have covered before), Gabriel Nassif (a veteran pro-player from when I was just starting out), […]

Harley Quinn is Batman’s Sidekick in New DC Collectibles Statue 

Harley Quinn is Batman’s Sidekick in New DC Collectibles Statue 

Harley Quinn is probably as popular with DC fans as Deadpool is to Marvel fans. I mean think about it they are both wacky, looney and they usually go a little too far. That’s what makes his character so great and a delight to see whether it’s through comics television or movies. DC Collectibles has […]

Sea Daddy Shoots Aquaman's Dog in Aquaman Annual #2 [Preview]

Sea Daddy Shoots Aquaman’s Dog in Aquaman Annual #2 [Preview]

Aquaman Annual #2 hits stores from DC Comics this week, by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Victor Ibanez, Jay David Ramos, and Clayton Cowles, tying into the Year of the Villain. And boy does this preview feature a major villain: Sea Daddy, who has come to steal the throne of Atlantis (which, unfortunately, Aquaman has misplaced). But […]

Kaneda and Motorcycle Crew, from "Akira" 1988

Taika Waititi Gives Update on Live Action “Akira” Film

Akira fans have been waiting several years to see what could happen with a potential live-action film and its likeliness has teetered ever since conversations began. Now, director Taika Waititi is giving us a little more information on the Hollywood adaptation of the popular anime film as well as when we can expect it to […]

THQ Nordic Announces A New Expansion In Japan

This morning, THQ Nordic announced they have officially expanded into Japan with their new location called THQ Nordic Japan KK. The new office has officially been incorporated and will take over the tasks and responsibilities for the region. That includes distribution, PR, and marketing of THQ Nordic’s and HandyGames’ slate of games. This will be […]

The Dawn of X Breaks the Monotony of HoXPoX [X-ual Healing 10-16-19]

X-Men #1 is Already Better Than All of HoXPoX [X-ual Healing 10-16-19]

HoXPoX is over and the Dawn of X is upon us… which means it’s time for the X-books to deliver on the promise of a bright new future. Did that happen in X-Men #1? Read on to find out. Sworn to sell comics for Marvel executives who feared and hated the fact that Fox owned […]

"League Of Legends" Is Getting An Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack

“League Of Legends” Is Getting An Anniversary Vinyl Soundtrack

This morning, Riot Games and iam8bit announced they would be releasing a special 10th-anniversary vinyl soundtrack for League Of Legends. The collector’s 2xLP vinyl set is available for purchase on their website for $40, and they are shipping immediately. Here’s a few details about what is going to end up being a must-own item for […]