Welcome to BleedingCool.com – the site written by Rich Johnston and friends, managed by Mark Seifert, and many columnists and friends for Avatar Press.

This site doesn't just pull back the curtains of the comic book industry, but gives you a series of upskirt shots. But as well as news, rumours and gossip, there are reviews, previews, features, interviews, videos, columns and a place for comic book readers to call their own. Whatever your tastes from mini comics by Sean Appozardi to blockbuster events by Geoff Johns, from the Guardianista middle class commentary of Posy Simmonds to the righteous right hook of Chuck Dixon, from Rob Liefeld's cankles to Robert Crumb's thighs, from Frank Quitely's OctoMumLips to Frank Cho's shapely hips, you're welcome here.

More than that, we need you. We can't be everywhere all the time. Hell, Rich Johnston is stuck in the outskirts of London for a start. But, en masse, you can be. Keep your eyes and ears open. Point out any loose threads and we will start pulling.

Because everyone in comics knows something, whether found in the dark online, corners, overheard in a comic shop, shared over drinks at a comic convention or found in the dumpsters at 1700 Broadway, that other comic readers would love to know. And here is where you can share it all. Those that do will get points, kudos, and special credentials on the forum. And the knowledge of a job well done.

So please, be our Little Bleeders. Bookmark the site, start making a difference. This is our medium, let's have some fun with it.

After all, isn't that what comics are for?

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