Chuck Brown and Prenzy Launch On The Stump in February, From Image Comics

Chuck Brown and Francesco “Prenzy” Chiappara are to launch a new comic book series, On The Stump, to be published by Image Comics in February 2020, lettered by Clayton Cowles, with a variant covers by Sanford Greene. Chuck Brown is a screenwriter and co-creator of comic book Rotten Apple with Sanford Greene, published by Dark […]

Some Added Incentives for Family Tree #2 and Undiscovered Country #2

Image Comics are running up the flagpole a couple of incentives for retailers ordering titles going to FOC today. That would include Family Tree #2 – retailers who order at least 70% of their orders for Family Tree #1 will qualify for a 25% free overship of their order for issue #2. Which means they […]

"Family Tree" #1: Botanical Post Apocalypse Tale Off with a Bang (Review)

“Family Tree” #1: Botanical Post Apocalypse Tale Off with a Bang (Review)

In the opening pages of Jeff Lemire’s excellent new comic, Family Tree, we are introduced to Loretta. She’s a single mom with two kids. The youngest, Meg, is precocious and inquisitive, while the oldest, Josh, has a knack for getting in trouble. Loretta has to leave work early to get Josh from school, who just […]

Image Comics Discovers a Second Printing For Undiscovered Country #1

Back in October, Bleeding Col estimated that Scott Snyder, Charles Soule, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandi and Matt Wilson’s new ongoing series Undiscovered Country has launched as the highest ordered Image Comics debut (without playing silly buggers like Mark Millar did) in nearly five years with orders of 83,000. But that was two weeks ago. Image Comics has […]

The Todd McFarlane-Signed, Slabbed and Certified Spawn… That Wasn’t

This video has been doing the rounds on Facebook, from comic book collector Josh Camfield. Who bought off eBay a CBCS graded, slabbed, signed-and-certified copy of a special black-and-white art edition of Spawn, one copy published and sent to every comic book store in the direct market. But, as he pointed out, Spawn creator and […]

Do Retailers Think Matt Kindt & Matt Smith’s Folklords #1 Is The Next Hit Series?

Matt Kindt & Matt Smith’s Folklords #1 Sells Out Two Weeks Before Publication

Well, it’s not in the newly christened 50K Club alongside Once & Future and (almost) Something Is Killing The Children quite yet, but I’m hearing Matt Smith and Matt Kindt’s Folklords #1, the newest creator-owned launch from Boom Studios, has already sold out at Diamond Distributors two weeks before its November 13 release despite a […]

Image Comics January Solicitations 2020

The Clock and Protector Launch In Image Comics Full January Solicitations 2020

Simon Roy and Daniel M Bensen are launching their new series from Image Comics in January 2020, Protector… and it’s getting a Dimond Gem of the month too… here are the full listings. As well as Matt Hawkins and Colleen Doran’s The Clock which we mentioned just the other day. How about that? PROTECTOR #1 […]

Colleen Doran and Matt Hawkins’ The Clock is Coming – Tick, Tick, Tick…

Back in 2016, Top Cow Publisher and President Matt Hawkins posted; What would happen if people started dying around the world in record numbers from cancer? It appears to be spreading like a virus and it’s fast. By the time it’s diagnosed it’s too late… An eugenics conspiracy thriller about overpopulation, scarce resources and survival […]


TV Deals Set for Brian Haberlin and David Hine’s Sonata and The Marked Comics

Brian Haberlin co-writer on Sonata and co-writer/artist on The Marked comic book series from Image Comics, posted the following news: Television deals set for Sonata and The Marked… both with amazing places! I wish I could say more and with whom but can’t just yet. Don’t worry, Brian, that’s more than enough. Sonata, by Brian […]

A Look at Savage Dragon #250

A Look at a 100-Page Savage Dragon #250 for 2020

Todd McFarlane has been making a lot of fuss over Spawn #300 and #301 and the records it sets. But Erik Larsen has his own anniversary coming up – and that’s of a comic book he has written and drawn every issue of (including going back to redo the issue that Jim Lee drew) whereas […]

920London: Image Comics Brings the Furry Emo Romance in New OGN from Pervert Artist in April

920London: Furry Emo Romance in New OGN from Pervert Artist in April at Image

Image Comics has announced 920London, an original graphic novel by Remy Boydell, co-creator and artist of The Pervert and other works, hitting stores in April 2020. We’re not likely to top the headline with anything we say here, so why don’t we skip right to the press release. PORTLAND, Ore. 10/17/2019 — The critically-acclaimed co-creator […]