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“Rogue One” Prequel Series: Diego Luna on Telling Andor’s Story

So it’s been an interesting couple of months on the Star Wars side of the Disney+ streaming service. On one hand, they had a hit with The Mandalorian – and should be helmet-deep in cash from Baby Yoda merchandising by the time the second season rolls around in the fall. On the other hand? There’s […]

Baby Yoda Will Be Bringing the Force to Build-A-Bear Soon

“The Mandalorian”: George Lucas Lovingly Cradles Baby Yoda

Looks like even George Lucas isn’t immune to the love that is Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda, or as it is more accurately called The Child, was introduced at the end of the first episode of The Mandalorian and people around the world lost their freaking minds. Over the course of the next eight episodes The Child, which […]