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Guardians of the Galaxy #1 [Preview]

Nonstop Events Take a Toll on the Cosmos in Guardians of the Galaxy #1 [Preview]

We spend a lot of time here at Bleeding Cool talking about the effects of Marvel’s nonstop super-mega-crossover events and number one issue reboots on readers. But what about the people most affected: the denizens of the Marvel Universe itself?! That’s what we get into in this preview of Guardians of the Galaxy #1, by […]

Incoming #1

What A (Small) Difference One Week Makes to 2019 Annual Marketshare

Last week, Bleeding Cool ran the marketshare statistics from Diamond Comic Distributors. Which stated that Marvel Comics topped charts with a 40.20% dollar market share and a 44.72% unit share. While DC Comics came second with a 29.29% dollar market share and a 30.74% unit market share. But Diamond says that “due to the skip […]

Marauders #6

A Fantastic Voyage in Marauders #6 [Preview]

Marauders #6 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by the Gerry Duggan of comics, Gerry Duggan, and Matteo Lolli. We’ve got a preview below. When we last left our intrepid drunken heroes, they were ambushed on a boat by an attack force of Homines Verendi, the new name of the former child inner […]

A Comic Shop in Florida, Outs Up 1:1000 Donny Cates Thor Variant

A Comic Shop in Florida Got Robbed So You Could Win a 1:1000 Thor #1 Variant

Bleeding Cool reported that the Florida comic store A Comic Shop got broken into again over Christmas. A smash and grab of the register, and though they had business insurance, the amount of damage and theft was under their $1000 deductible. Combined with security upgrades to prevent this from happening again, that was A Comic […]

Excalibur #6 [Preview]

Roguepocalypse in Action and Child Endangerment in Excalibur #6 [Preview]

Excalibur #6 is in stores next week from Marvel Comics, and not a moment too soon, as we’re all waiting to find out how Gambit is going to react to his wife absorbing the powers (and presumably personality) of Apocalypse. We mean, that’s gotta have an effect on your sex life, right? These two have […]

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Matt Wagner Designs 2020 CBLDF Membership Artwork

Matt Wagner has created this year’s Comic Book Legal Defense Fund Matt Wagner membership art, for members’ membership card, pen & notebook set, embroidered patch, t-shirt, Comics Code hoodie and more. They have membership plans for donors in every budget, each with its own premiums and benefits, and all of them are tax-deductible, for their […]

How Target Stocks Their Batman: Caped Crusader 100-Page Giant #1

How Target Stocks Their Batman: Caped Crusader 100-Page Giant #1

Target got an exclusive Batman 100-Page Giant recently, Batman: The Caped Crusader #1, selling instore for $9.99. It was not announced by any publicity, from Target or DC, and a comic store distribution solicitation has not been made either. As a result, copies are going for up to $22 on eBay. Edited by Andrew Marino, Batman: The […]

Saladin Ahmed and Dave Acosta Tease New Creator-Owned Comic

Saladin Ahmed, Miles Morales, Black Bolt and Ms Marvel writer, and Dave Acosta, Elvira Mistress Of The Dark, Twilight Zone and Chastity artist, are teasing something new. A new creator-owned comic together. little glimpse of @davedrawsgood‘s work on our secret creator-owned project their names are Adil and Marjorie🤓 — Saladin Ahmed (@saladinahmed) January 17, […]

Comic Store In Your Future - Being Unique On Free Comic Book Day

Comic Store In Your Future – Being Unique On Free Comic Book Day

Rod Lamberti of Rodman Comics writes weekly for Bleeding Cool. Find previous columns here. Rich, in a previous article, brought up the cost to host Free Comic Book Day along with what I had written about us not having Free Comic Book Day this year. The bare minimum cost is $60 not counting freight. I never said the […]

The Daily LITG, 18th January 2020, Happy Birthday Ryan Benjamin

The Daily LITG, 18th January 2020, Happy Birthday Ryan Benjamin

Welcome to the pretty-much-mostly-daily Lying In The Gutters. A run around the day before and the day ahead. You can sign up to receive it as an e-mail here. The 10 most-read stories yesterday DC Comics April 2020 Solicitations Frankensteined Marvel Comics Solicitations April 2019 – 19 Solicits From X-Factor to New Warriors, Frankensteined Vita […]

Finally, Another Empyre Tie-In as Lords of Empyre: Emporer Hulkling Hits Stores in April

Finally, Another Empyre Tie-In as Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling Hits Stores in April

A lot of Marvel readers have been complaining that the upcoming super-mega-crossover event, A4: Empyre with a Y sounds pretty cool and all that, but it just doesn’t have enough tie-ins and spinoff mini-series to completely drain your wallet. Well, Marvel has heard your complaints, true believers, and answered with yet another tie-in: A4: Empyre […]

Jonathan Hickman Says You Don’t Have to Buy Every X-Men Book if You Don’t Want to

Superstar writer Jonathan Hickman has been bucking tradition since he began his HoXPoX relaunch of the X-Men last Summer. While many comic book creators, for example, believe that the story should be told in the form of actual comics, Hickman prefers to relay large chunks of key information in infographics or prose pages. Hickman has […]

DC Cancels The Dreaming in April... Will It Be Relaunched?

DC Cancels The Dreaming in April… Will It Be Relaunched?

DC Comics’ April 2020 solicitations reveal that Sandman Universe series The Dreaming will be canceled with The Dreaming #20, calling into question future plans for the title announced at New York Comic Con last October. Writer Simon Spurrier and artist Bilquis Evely were said to be leaving the title after The Dreaming #18, with a […]