Alex Cox is IDW’s New Director of Merchandise and Projects

Earlier this week it was announced that Bob Schreck would be the Deputy Director of the CBLDF, the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. But what of the previous holder of that position, Alex Cox, who had held it for nine years? And who before that ran the comic shop Rocketship? Well, just as Bob Schreck […]

IDW Media Holdings Loses Another $1.5 Million in Q3 2019

IDW Media Holdings Loses Another $1.5 Million in Q3 2019

IDW Media Holdings, the parent company of IDW Publishing, continues to lose money, their latest financial report for Q3 2019 reveals. IDWM reported over $1.5 million in losses for the period from May 1st to July 31st, listed in the opening statement of the press release as “a net loss per share of ($0.20) on […]

IDW Brings John Byrne to New York City Comic Con

IDW Brings John Byrne to New York Comic Con

Most comic book publishers bring things like variant covers, t-shirts, statues, pins, and other merchandise as EXCLUSIVES to sell at comic book conventions, but IDW is one-upping all their competitors. The publisher is bringing the actual John Byrne as their New York Comic Con EXCLUSIVE. That’s right, no one knows how, but IDW somehow coaxed […]

Star Trek: Picard Gets a Comic Book Prequel from IDW

Star Trek: Picard Gets a Comic Book Prequel from IDW

IDW will publish a three-issue prequel comic tying into CBS’s Star Trek: Picard in November, CBS revealed in a press release. Star Trek: Picard – Countdown will be written by Mike Johnson along with Picard producer Kirsten Beyer, exploring a life-changing mission for the titular captain. In addition to the comic, Simon & Schuster Gallery […]

Sal Buschema Returns for Backup Story in IDW's Rom: Dire Wraiths #1

Sal Buscema Returns for Backup Story in IDW’s Rom: Dire Wraiths #1

At San Diego Comic-Con, IDW revealed plans to launch a brand new Rom series called Rom: Dire Wraiths. Today, IDW sent out a press release packed with details on the series, which is set to launch in October, and amongst those details is the news that legendary comic book artist Sal Buscema will contribute art […]

IDW to Replace Usagi YoJimbo #2 After Damage Complaints

IDW Entertainment is sending out replacement copies of the main cover of Usagi Yojimbo #2 which came out last week. According to IDW and Diamond, a printing error meant that this cover sustained high levels of damage. IDW will replace 100% of retailer orders for the issue at no cost. The new copies will arrive […]

Sophie Campbell to Write and Draw TMNT After 100th Issue

Sophie Campbell to Write and Draw TMNT After 100th Issue

A lot has been changing in IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, with the creation of a new female turtle, Jennika, in TMNT #95 driving up prices for the issue on eBay. Jennika, second in command of Splinter, who has been running the Foot Clan since Shredder’s death, was stabbed by Karai after turning down an […]

Legacy vs Intent: Steve Ditko's Mr. A Collected Against His Wishes?

Steve Ditko’s Mr. A. Will Be Collected Against His Wishes

As BC reporter Joshua Stone sat in on the IDW Artist’s Editions & More panel Sunday afternoon at San Diego Comic-Con, I was curious to see what news he’d be reporting on regarding their upcoming offerings.  I’m a fan of the Artist Edition format, and the the top shelf in the corner of my office […]

IDW: The Next 20 Years

Notes and Photos from the IDW: The Next 20 Years Panel at San Diego

John Barber, writer and former editor, moderated a panel of creators to discuss what the San Diego based publisher has coming up after reflecting on two decades in the industry so far. Barber began by discussing some recent developments including bringing on “the best English language comic of the last 35 years,” with Stan Sakai […]

Has IDW Bought Sunday Press Books?

Confirmed: IDW Has ‘Acquired’ Sunday Press Books

Publisher’s Weekly has confirmed what Bleeding Cool told you two days ago, that IDW has acquired Sunday Press Books. Well, Publisher’s Weekly says that IDW bought Sunday Press, but from what we understand, ‘acquire’ is a more accurate term. They state that Sunday Press Books founder Peter Maresca will continue to oversee the publishing program while […]

Star Trek: Voyager IDW

Star Trek: Voyager Heads to Mirror Universe in new IDW Comic

Star Trek: Voyager is about to go where no Voyager comic book has gone before. IDW Publishing has announced a new comic book series launching in October, billing it as the first-ever comic book foray of Star Trek: Voyager into the Mirror Universe, because everything is a first of something. The crew of the ship […]

Zoe Quinn and

Zoe Quinn and Phil Murphy to Create Addams Family Comic For IDW

It’s alive… it’s alive… Mike Sangregorio reports for Bleeding Cool from the IDW panel at San Diego Comic-Con that Zoe Quinn, video game developer, and writer of DC Vertigo’s Goddess Mode comic, will be writing an Addams Family one-shot comic for the publisher. Which is one way of announcing that IDW has the Addams Family […]