Nerd Food: Re-Live The Taste Of Marvel's Civil War With Civil War Cheeze-Its

Nerd Food: Re-Live The Taste Of Marvel’s Civil War With Civil War Cheeze-Its

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Remember when Marvel’s Civil War came out last summer? I do. So does Cheeze-Its, as you can still buy these in stores.

Since I am a grown adult who has proven to everyone that my idea of good food involves comic book characters on them, I bought them. Much to my surprise they weren’t stale (the movie is almost a year old, why are these still a thing), and well…tasted like a Cheeze-It. Out of the few comic themed foods I’ve eaten for this site this is the winner, since I eat these anyway. They were $1.50 so even if they sucked, my life would go on. Mazel tov, Cheeze-Its.


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