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Bray Wyatt Drops WWE Universal Championshop to Up-and-Comer Who Can Use the Rub

Bray Wyatt Drops WWE Universal Championshop to Up-and-Comer Who Can Use the Rub

After months of buildup, Bray Wyatt has finally dropped the WWE Universal Champion to an up-and-coming star who can really use the rub. That's right, Goldberg has defeated The Fiend at WWE's Saudi Arabian blood money event Super Showdown, winning the Universal Championship and becoming a four-time world champion. It's unclear at this time whether […]

the ice cream man

"Ice Cream Man": Image Comic Book Lands Series Adapt at Quibi

Been awhile since we reported on the upcoming adaptation of W. Maxwell Prince and Martin Morazzo's Image Comics horror-fantasy comic book Ice Cream Man – so much so that I forgot I first reported on it. In my defense, Universal Content Productions (UCP) first made the announcement back in October 2018 – and now it looks […]

Ryan Phillippe

"The Big Sky": "Shooter" Star Ryan Phillippe Joins David E. Kelley's ABC Thriller

Actor Ryan Phillippe will join the cast of The Big Sky from David E. Kelley for ABC. Set in Montana, the thriller focuses on private investigator Cassie Dewell, who partners with former police officer Jenny Hoyt. They investigate the kidnapping of two sisters from a truck driver on a remote highway. The duo discovers the […]

"Brooklyn Nine-Nine" Season 7: "Debbie" Looks a Little Nervous [PREVIEW]

NBC's Brooklyn Nine-Nine saw Boyle's (Joe Lo Truglio) "Greatest Showman" dream realized, Jake (Andy Samberg) saving the family sedan – with Amy's (Melissa Fumero) help; and Holt (Andre Braugher) and Rosa (Stephanie Beatriz) finding a way to bond… in their own way (check out Bleeding Cool's resident show expert Margo Staten's thoughts on "The Jimmy […]

for all mankind

Why "For All Mankind" Should Be On Your Radar (Even If It's Apple TV+) [OPINION]

Okay, so Apple's streaming service, Apple TV+ dropped some time last fall, and all anybody was talking about was how The Morning Show didn't live up to expectations – then "suddenly" it got better (???). Now, I know with so many shows teeming with well-known names and starring huge actors, stuff seems to get lost […]

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Preview: Rex Is Haunted By "A Distant Echo"

"Star Wars: The Clone Wars" Season 7 Preview: Rex Is Haunted By "A Distant Echo"

In this week's all-new episode of Star Wars: The Clone Wars on Disney+, Anakin (Matt Lanter) is back in "A Distant Echo." General Skywalker joins Captain Rex (Dee Bradley Baker) and the Bad Batch to hunt down Echo, a clone trooper long thought dead. After intercepting an interplanetary transmission from someone using Echo's clone birth code, […]