Nerd Food: Guardians Of The Galaxy GoGurt Is A Gooey Delicious Mess

Nerd Food: Guardians Of The Galaxy GoGurt Is A Gooey Delicious Mess

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I actually do eat yogurt in my regular diet. Mostly Greek yogurt mixed with berries. On my recent trip to the grocery store, I saw this fancy green box with the Guardians Of The Galaxy on them. I decided to go for a small box (which ran me $2.50, not bad) just to try them. I’m familiar with GoGurt since they’re all over TV and my friends kids eat them. The flavors–mixed berry and cotton candy–left me partially underwhelmed. Mixed berry isn’t awful. Cotton candy in yogurt form sounds like seven different kinds of “Hell no”.


But because I’m doing this for all of you, Bleeding Cool faithful, I persisted. You get a good variety of characters on the GoGurt packages. You even get a fancy hero name once you’re done eating! Awesome! Well, might as well give it a try. I picked Gamora, which was also cotton candy flavored. Saying it out loud makes me want to vomit, but to be fair it wasn’t awful. It tasted like a sweeter vanilla, but not overbearing. In about 30 seconds I also had my hero name! The Gigantic Basketball! How fitting since I’m 4’11, and basketball was the first thing that came to mind…


If you’re thinking of buying this, I would. You won’t break the bank at $2.50, and it’s still yogurt. You may look silly squeezing it out of the tube, but whatever. I liked the novelty of it.

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