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Liquid Death Put A Curse On Their Own Product For Halloween

Liquid Death Put A Curse On Their Own Product For Halloween

Well, that’s a new way to market water. The crew over at Liquid Death decided that they needed to put a curse on their own water. In the company’s latest video, they hired a working witch doctor known as Mystic Dylan to put a curse on all of the water in the company’s warehouse. Yes, […]

The Kirby Cafe Will Be Getting A Permanent Home

The Kirby Café Will Be Getting A Permanent Home

Right now, if you happen to be in Tokyo in October, you can go visit the Kirby Café in Tokyo Solamachi as they reopen on October 7th. The original plan for the cafe was to be open for roughly a year and get people to try an exciting new location based on the Nintendo character. […]

Wendy's Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

Wendy’s Launched Their Own RPG Campaign At NYCC

The folks at Wendy’s have launched their own tabletop RPG this week at NYCC called Feast Of Legends, in partnership with Critical Role and Fandom. The PDF version of the adventure was loaded online, totally free for anyone to download, along with a physical version at the convention that included dice. The game itself has […]

What’s In The Box?!: Bokksu – Volume Five, September 2019

A short time ago, we received this wonderful subscription box in the mail called Bokksu, filled with some delicious treats from Japan. Considering how much snack food we usually go through playing games, and how many of them are tied to Japanese developers and publishers, this kind of box would totally be up many a […]

There’s a “DOOM” Vodka Being Made For “DOOM Eternal”

It looks like Bethesda Softworks are going all out on the 25th anniversary of DOOM and promotion for DOOM Eternal with a new vodka to enjoy. The company has partnered with Rebel Distilleries to create the DOOM Bone Vodka, which has some interesting ingredients. According to Bloody Disgusting, part of the process involves having “beef […]

Joe Manganiello Apparently Sells His Soul To Liquid Death

Joe Manganiello Apparently Sells His Soul To Liquid Death

Joe Manganiello may be promoting all things D&D and his own clothing line in Death Saves, but now, his soul belongs to canned water. Specifically, Liquid Death, who is basically about as metal as you can get for a water distributor. Much like how Barq’s used to look like a beer can holding root beer, […]

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There’s A Okami Pop-Up Cafe In Japan That’s Got People Talking

There’s buzz reaching all around the globe over a small pop-up restaurant Capcom created with Pasela Resorts centered around the game Okami. The cafe is called the Samurai God and according to their own info, the place is “A nostalgic menu that was popular in the era, and a new menu with a motif of […]

CBS Announces Two “Star Trek: Picard” Themed Wines

As part of the upcoming release of their next series Star Trek: Picard, CBS will be releasing two new specialty wines in the theme of the series. CBS Consumer Products have licensed the first of two new wines with Wines That Rock which will be released in conjunction with the show. They are a 2016 […]

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Review: Razer’s Respawn Mental Performance Drink

It’s a wonder what can be born out of a joke these days, as Razer has decided to capitalize on an old April Fool’s Day joke and released a real Razer Respawn. The concept was a prank in 2010 where the company had made its own energy drink for gamers, a nod to the fad […]

Review: Ommegang’s Game Of Thrones “For The Throne” Golden Ale

Before we bolted for PAX East this week, we got a lovely surprise to review as Ommegang have a new Game Of Thrones themed beer called “For The Throne”. We’ve had a few of these pass through our lips over the past couple of years, all of them having their own distinct tastes that make […]

Red Bull Launches a Limited Edition Ninja Branded Can

Red Bull has decided to put their first Twitch celebrity on the side of their product as Tyler “Ninja” Bevins will be on the side of the cans for a limited time. The company decided to surprise him in a fake photo shoot, showing off his face on the can and getting his reaction below. […]

You Can Now Order a Final Fantasy X/X-2 Drink at Kung Fu Tea

Just in case you needed some extra Final Fantasy in your life in the form of food and drink, you can now buy a special drink at Kung Fu Tea. From March 25th until April 20th, the company will be selling a new drink specific to Final Fantasy X/X-2 called Tidus & Yuna’s Grape Elixir. […]

Mountain Dew Releases New Gamer Soda MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel

Mountain Dew has decided to make a soda line aimed specifically at video gamers with their new set of drinks called MTN DEW AMP Game Fuel. Just in time to be introduced during the Super Bowl, a pair of commercials were made this week and pushed online, which we’re sure you’ll see sometime during the game […]

Nissin Cup Noodles is Holding a Jump Force Sweepstakes on Special Boxes

Do you like Cup Noodles? Do you like Jump Force? Do you like Japan? Would you like to combine all three into a contest? Nissin has! Starting today and running all the way until June 30th, Nissin has teamed up with Bandai Namco to present the “Jump to Japan Sweepstakes” where you have a chance […]

Review: Game of Thrones – King in the North Beer

We got another awesome opportunity, as the holidays approach with the cold, to warm our souls up with some Game of Thrones beer from Ommegang. This time around, we got King in the North: a mighty imperial stout fit for Jon Snow, with an 11% ABV. A lot of the brews we’ve received from Ommegang […]

Pokémon Café in Tokyo Will Have a Special Pokémon: Let’s Go Menu

If you’d like to eat some cute food prior to Pokémon: Let’s Go being released, the Pokémon Café in Tokyo has got all of your needs covered. The restaurant will have a special menu running for visitors from November 16th until January 11th, featuring Pikachu and Eevee themed items for you to sink your teeth into. Everything is in […]

Red Wedding Brew: We Review Game Of Thrones’ Mother of Dragons Beer

Every time we have the pleasure of receiving a new Game Of Thrones beer from Brewery Ommegang, it’s so tempting to just call the article “I Drink & I Know Things”. The wonderful people at HBO were kind enough to send us a bottle of their latest brew, this one called Mother of Dragons in […]

Halloween at Disneyland: 2018’s Tricks and Treats

We’ve been so excited about getting the chance to experience Halloween time at Disneyland this year, specifically attending Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween party (which we’re doing tonight!). Both Disneyland proper and California Adventures have been redecorated for the season, with fall harvest colors and pumpkins everywhere. Several of our favorite Disney characters have donned […]

amazon fire experience sdcc 2018

Nerd Food: TV-Inspired Mocktails from the Amazon Fire Experience at SDCC

If you didn’t get to swing by the Amazon Fire experience at San Diego Comic-Con 2018, you missed out on some pretty interesting TV-inspired mocktails. Eternal Sunrise, The Analyst: Jack Ryan, Fire TV & Ice, and The Night’s Watch were your choices, and they all sounded fabulous. But did they all taste fabulous? You’re about […]

super hero ice cream

Nerd Food: Tasting Super Hero Ice Cream at SDCC 2018!

This past weekend at San Diego Comic-Con, guests got to try some heroic ice cream at Petco Park! Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman all brought their sugary best, which made for some delicious treats. The Super Hero Ice Cream is the perfect summer treat, especially on a warm San Diego day.