The Tony Daniel Justice League Box Art That Was Rejected In Favor Of Cinnamon Toast Crunch Squares

Posted by April 9, 2017 8 Comments

Scandal has rocked the world of breakfast cereal, thanks to a recent batch of DC Comics Justice League themed cereal boxes from General Mills! No, we’re not talking about the fact that Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, and Wonder Woman each got their own featured boxes while Cyborg and Aquaman had to play second fiddle to a second Green Lantern on a Cinnamon Toast Crunch box:



Though, now that we mention it, what a raw deal! But no, we’re talking about the art that would have originally adorned the box of that most delicious of cereals by superstar artist Tony Daniel, who took to Instagram to reveal:

We don’t know about you, but while the art that ended up on the box was nice too, the image above makes us considerably hungrier. Actually, we’re going to go pour ourselves a bowl right now.

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