How Will Rogue and Gambit Escape Their Predicament in Mr. and Mrs. X #4? A Sexy Sneak Peek

It’s X-Men Monday, the most treasured of international holidays, but Marvel X-Editor Jordan White has forsaken his responsibilities and declined to provide us with previews this week.

Luckily, our hero, Uncanny X-Men writer Kelly Thompson, has stepped in to provide us with our first look at October’s Mr. and Mrs. X #4. As we saw on the final page of Mr. and Mrs. X #3, Rogue and Gambit were captured while infiltrating Shi’ar homeworld of Chandilar to rescue Xandra, the daughter of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Nermini, and left hanging upside down in a Shi’ar prison, depowered and helpless.

Well, not completely depowered it seems. They still have…

Thompson provided a clue as to how these newlyweds will get out of their predicament.

Mr. and Mrs. X #4
(W) Kelly Thompson (A) Oscar Bazaldua (CA) Terry Dodson
• Undercover in the Shi’ar Empire!
• Rogue and Gambit must infiltrate the Shi’ar homeworld in order to save a precious package.
• But how are they going to wine and dine the Empire’s elite when its soldiers are hot on their trail?
Rated T+
In Shops: Oct 17, 2018
Final Orders Due: Sep 24, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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