New Wave of “Avengers: Endgame” Funko Pop Figures Incoming 

“Avengers: Endgame” Gets a New Wave of Funko Pop Figures

Avengers: Endgame was a cinematic landmark! It builds a world and Marvel built a universe inside the comfort of a movie theater. Being a huge fan of Funko, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, collecting Funko Pops Marvel is my main collection. I mean it could be called an obsession but that is just the collecting […]

Guardians of the Galaxy #9

The Death of the Marvel Universe in This Guardians of the Galaxy #9 Preview

Things are heating up in Guardians of the Galaxy and the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe as we race toward Guardians of the Galaxy #12 and the Annihilation Scourge super-mega-crossover event. We’ve got a preview of Guardians of the Galaxy #9, in stores next week from global entertainment superstar Donny Cates and Cory Smith. […]

Black Cat is Stealing Our Hearts with New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Black Cat Is Stealing Our Hearts with New Sideshow Collectibles Statue

Black Cat has always been an interesting character since here 1st appearance in The Amazing Spider-Man #194. She already knows how to get Spidey on her, yeah and he falls for her every time. This newest statue by Sideshow Collectibles is defiantly a work of art. This 16” statue shows Black Cat running away from […]

Let's All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Let’s All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Ah, Excalibur #31, published in the early nineties, in the dark, dark days of the between-Alan Davis runs of that mutant spinoff. I’ve been rereading a few in an attempt to find the first US mentions of Marvel being the 616 universe. Excalibur #44 is out earliest so far. Any previous? But during which I […]

Has Anyone Else Lost Their Marvel Unlimited History?

Has Anyone Else Had Their Marvel Unlimited History Deleted?

There’s a Bleeding Cool reader… let’s call him Gerry. Because that’s his name. He is a subscriber to Marvel Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat streaming service for Marvel Comics back-issues, which also lets you download titles, lets you know which titles you have read and lines up new comic books. Well, this is how his conversation went […]

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 [Preview]

In This Preview of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12, a Spider-Man Will Die!

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #12 is in stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Australia’s Favorite Son Tom Taylor and superstar artist Pere Perez, and we’ve got a preview below, in which Spider-Man… dies?! Well, it should come as no surprise, since the solicit has been advertising the death of Spider-Man for months now. And this […]

Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future.... Foundation

Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future…. Foundation

Marvel Comics recently saw the revival of their comic book title, The Future Foundation, running alongside the new Fantastic Four series, and showing what happens to those they left behind, the Power Pack kids and aliens working (currently with Yondu) to recreate the Marvel Multiverse after Secret Wars, investigate its anomalies and generally mess around […]

Serpent War: Conan Crosses Over With Moon Knight in Dece

Serpent War: Conan Finally Gets His Own Marvel Event, With Moon Knight Too

Finally, Conan the Barbarian is getting his own Marvel event comic. A lot of people have been asking, what with Marvel publishing approximately seventeen monthly Conan comics since obtaining the license to do so earlier this year, why the beloved barbarian hasn’t gotten his own event yet. Marvel has heard and will now answer those […]

Kevin Eastman's Wolverine for House Of X and Gabriel Rodriguez' Silver Surfer: Black

Kevin Eastman’s Wolverine for House Of X and Gabriel Rodriguez’ Silver Surfer: Black

Clover Press, recently signing an exclusive deal with Diamond Comic Distributors, is continuing a line of variant covers from bigger publishers. Headed by IDW founders Ted Adams and Robbie Robbins, Clover Press is planning to working with established creators on original graphic novels and a series of prose books featuring new covers and illustrations by some […]

Ale Garza Joins Marvel’s Future Fight Comics

The upcoming Marvel titles based on the Future Fight game, the Future Fight Firsts titles coming from Marvel Comics look like they are going through a few ch-ch-changes and a little rescheduling. Future Fight Firsts: White Fox #1 is slipping from the 2nd of October to the 9th. Future Fight Firsts: Luna Snow #1 will […]

Iceman Gets Frosty with Marvel 80th Anniversary Funko Pop [Review]

Iceman Gets Frosty with Marvel 80th Anniversary Funko Pop [Review]

Iceman is one of the five original members of the X-Men. I was oddly surprised that when Funko originally announced the 80th Anniversary Pops and Iceman wasn’t on the X-Men release. However, Iceman did make his appearance with the announcements of the 1st appearance figures for Wolverine and Deadpool (coming soon). This Funko was an […]