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Kelly Thompson Hopes Rogue and Gambit Stay Together After Mr. and Mrs. X Finale

Kelly Thompson Hopes Rogue and Gambit’s Marriage Isn’t Undone

Yesterday, we learned that Kelly Thompson will be the new writer of Deadpool alongside artist Chris Bachalo. But the Mr. and Mrs. X writer still has something to say about the recently-ended series starring everyone’s favorite married X-couple, Rogue and Gambit. Specifically, Thompson shared her thoughts with on what she hopes the future of […]

X-ual Healing

How Many Kids Does Wolverine Have, Anyway?! [X-ual Healing 6-26-19]

As the lame duck session of X-Men continues into its final month, ahead of Jonathan Hickman’s line-wide reboot of the franchise, more X-books came to an end last week. Plus, we’ve got a new Claremont comic this week. Yay! Lots to unpack here, six issues and over 3500 words of recap, so let’s jump right […]

Gambit's Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

Gambit’s Choice in Mr. and Mrs. X #12 (Finale Preview)

In the final issue of Mr. and Mrs. X, Gambit is presented with an unpleasant choice by Candra, who has united the Thieves and Assassins guild, captured Gambit, and then captured Rogue when she tried to rescue Gambit. But before we get to that, let’s enjoy some naked Gambit from this preview of Mr. and […]

Does Gambit Still Want to Be an X-Man? Mr. and Mrs. X #11 Preview

Does Gambit Still Want to Be an X-Man? Mr. and Mrs. X #11 Preview

Mr. and Mrs. X is ending soon to make way for Jonathan Hickman’s fancy-pants X-Men reboot. Many are excited about it, but maybe there are some people who aren’t really interested in the third X-Men relaunch in a year’s span, and some who perhaps don’t want a 150-issue intellectual X-epic that requires new charts and […]

Mojo Still Carries a Torch for His Human Girlfriend Ann - Mr. and Mrs. X #10 Preview

Mojo Still Carries a Torch for His Human Girlfriend – Mr. and Mrs. X #10 Preview

Last year, as Marvel geared up for the relaunch of Uncanny X-Men, they published a series of one-shots under the banner X-Men Black. Each of those issues told fun stories focusing on major X-Men villains, and one of them was X-Men Black: Mojo, which detailed Mojo’s burgeoning relationship with a human girl named Ann. In […]

Mr. and Mrs. X #9 Introduces Another Secret X-Men Child (SPOILERS)

Mr. and Mrs. X is less than 10 issues old, but the series has already introduced one child of famous mutants into the X-mythos. The book’s first storyline, featuring Rogue and Gambit honeymooning in space after their surprise wedding in X-Men Gold, saw the introduction of Xandra, the genetically-engineered child of Professor Xavier and Lilandra […]

Old Man Logan, Dead Man Logan, or Nude Man Logan?[X-ual Healing 2-13-19]

We’re late this week, having been busy over the weekend and thinking we’d catch up on Monday morning — it’s President’s Day, after all — only to have the DC solicits fall into our laps here at Bleeding Cool this morning, and, well, 12 or 13 clickbait articles later, here we are. But we’ve got […]

Mojo Knows What Readers Want in Next Week’s Mr. and Mrs. X #8

Creating entertainment is a tricky business. Do you give the customers what they claim to want? Or do you give them what you know they really want, but won’t admit? Here at Bleeding Cool, we know our readers claim to want substantive, fact-based news reports, but the evidence tells us what they click on are […]

Ten Hopeful X-Men Predictions for 2019 [X-ual Healing 1-2-19]

As we head into a new year of X-Men comics at Marvel, it’s time to compile a list of ten likely predictions for Marvel X-plans in 2019. Of course, thanks to solicitations and accelerated shipping schedules, we already know what’s happening in the next 50 or so issues of various X-Men comics, so these predictions […]

Is Spiral a Princess Bride Fan? Tomorrow’s Mr. and Mrs. X #7

Marvel chose to end 2018 by screwing us out of our weekend article material by not releasing previews for its comics hitting stores tomorrow. What, you people think you deserve a vacation?! Get back to work and send out those press releases, dammit! Even the award-winning Twitter account of Matthew Rosenberg let us down this […]

Gambit’s Dad Pays a Visit in Next Week’s Mr. and Mrs. X #6

After finally making it back from their space honeymoon, and in one piece at that, Rogue and Gambit are finally throwing a party to make up for the engagement party they didn’t get to have due to their wedding being a last-minute bait-and-switch in the Kitty Pryde/Colossus wedding issue. And one of the guests in […]

Gambit Remembers Cyclops in Next Week’s Mr. and Mrs. X #5

In next week’s Mr. and Mrs. X #5, Gambit is still mourning the loss of a loved one. No, we’re not talking about his wife, Rogue, who was disintegrated at the end of the previous issue in a space battle between the Imperial Guard, the Starjammers, and the rebel Shi’ar forces of Deathbird. Gambit may […]

Stealth Crossover? Domino and Mr. and Mrs. X Both Visit the Mojoverse in January

Two upcoming X-titles are headed to the Mojoverse in January, according to Marvel’s January solicitations. In Mr. and Mrs. X #7, Rogue and Gambit find themselves stuck in the Mojoverse and forced to relive past moments for Mojo TV. Wow, that honeymoon isn’t going great, is it? MR. AND MRS. X #7 KELLY THOMPSON (W) […]

When in Doubt, Make Out! A Mr. and Mrs. X #4 Preview

In Mr. and Mrs. X #4, Rogue and Gambit are on a mission to rescue Xandra, the genetically-engineered child of Charles Xavier and Lilandra Nermini. Unfortunately, they’ve already gotten themselves captured, which could put a damper on their plans. But when things look their darkest, it isn’t time to give up. There’s a solution to […]

Marvel Preview Reveals Rogue is Secret Daughter of Professor X and Lilandra

In Mr. and Mrs. X, by Kelly Thompson and Oscar Bazaldua, newlyweds Rogue and Gambit are doing their best to enjoy a honeymoon in space that’s gone completely off the rails. But though they should be the ones making babies, it seems that’s already been taken care of by two characters who are currently deceased. Or […]

Gambit and Deadpool Chase a Naked Rogue Doppelganger in Sneak Peek at Mr. and Mrs. X #3

Welcome to Bleeding Cool, your number one online destination for the SEO keyword “naked Rogue doppelganger.” It’s no longer X-Men Monday, but Uncanny X-Men writer Kelly Thompson posted a late addition to the international weekly holiday on Tuesday featuring a panel from the upcoming Mr. and Mrs. X #3. In the previous issues, Rogue and […]