Robocop 1987 Returns with Two New Previews Exclusives

Robocop 1987 Returns with Two New Previews Exclusives

RoboCop is back! Last month we covered a new PX exclusive RoboCop to figure but this time it looks like RoboCop is getting two more figures that will also be more previews exclusives. Both figures will be made by Hiya Toys. These will you based on his RoboCop one appearance and we will be getting two versions […]

Jonathan Hickman Doesn't Believe in a Major Part of the Comic Book Industry

Jonathan Hickman Doesn’t Believe in a Major Part of the Comic Book Industry

Jonathan Hickman is an unconventional writer who doesn’t follow the norms. For example, where other writers might write a six-issue series to relaunch the X-Men, Hickman takes the same amount of story and makes it twelve issues. Where other writers might believe that comic books should contain comics, Hickman believes they should contain pages upon […]

Forge Fund-Supporting Comics to Get New Logo in Diamond Previews

Forge Fund-Supporting Comics to Get New Logo in Diamond Previews

At the Diamond Retailer Breakfast at New York Comic Con, Bleeding Cool reported the news that Lion Forge had announced plans to expand a vital safety net for the comic book direct market by establishing The Forge Fund in partnership with Book Industry Charitable Foundation (Binc). Lion Forge will donate $100,000 of seed money to […]

Injustice Superman Makes His Landing As Preview Exclusive

Injustice Superman Makes His Landing As Preview Exclusive

Injustice has been an amazing story and fans of the comic and game will be excited to lay their eyes on the new Hiya Toys Previews Exclusive figure. This figure is based on his Injustice 2 appearance and is 1/18 scale. His cape seems to be cloth and that’s something to make him different then […]


New Hellboy Previews Exclusive Figure Ready To Raise Some Hell

Hellboy is at it again and bringing Hell with him this time. Unlike the previous Hellboy ONE:12 figure Mezco Toys has released this one is based off his Anung Un Rama side. This character model is based off the 2019 film Hellboy played by David Harbour. He comes his a nice assortment of accessories, for the body […]

No Marvel Previews This Week? What Are They Hiding?

No Marvel Previews This Week? What Are They Hiding?

It’s the weekend, which usually means several very important things. For people who haven’t dedicated their lives to the never-ending, soul-sucking churn of comics “journalism,” it’s a time to relax, to leave work behind and enjoy life before getting back to the daily grind. But for elite comic book “journalists” like myself, the 24-hour comics […]

‘Fear the Walking Dead’ Season 5: AMC Unleashes New Action-Packed Images

With less than two months to go before AMC‘s Fear the Walking Dead returns for its fifth season, the cable giant continues its pre-season tease fest with the release of new action-packed images from the series’ highly-anticipated return. From what we can see from the new images below – as well as the official trailer […]

Superman and Zod: Best Friends Forever? A Superman #9 Preview

DC Comics has released a preview of Superman #9, the next chapter in “The Great One” Brian Bendis’s Unity Saga storyline. In this issue, Superman, his wife, son, and daughter attend a ceremony to celebrate World Peace Day, commemorating everyone’s agreement to stop making war and adopt Superman’s philosophies of peace. Wait, what? But that’s […]

Deadpool Has a Stalker in Next Week’s Deadpool #10

It seems like it was just last year when this latest volume of Deadpool launched at Marvel Comics. Well, that may be because it *was* just last year. Nevertheless, Deadpool is already set to end and get relaunched, news you of course heard first at Bleeding Cool, with Deadpool #15. That means with Deadpool #10 […]

Domino Fangirls Out Over the Black Widow in Next Week’s Hotshots #1

Domino’s solo series by Gail Simone and David Baldeon ended way too soon. Way too soon! Seriously, that book could have gone another thousand issues and we’d never get tired of it! Thankfully, Domino is back next week, even if it is just for the first issue of a five-issue mini-series. In a preview of […]

It’s Not Good to Be the King in Next Week’s Conan the Barbarian #4

A character played by the great Mel Brooks once famously said, in History of the World Part 1: “It’s good to be the king!” But in next week’s Conan the Barbarian #4, the titular barbarian finds out that this isn’t necessarily true. Conan, it seems, is taking to ruling about as well as Donald Trump. […]

Beast Finally Gets What He Deserves in Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1

Amongst all the X-Men characters who aren’t Wolverine, Beast has to be the worst. This is a guy who once tried to take a cure for his mutant condition, a guy who turned on his childhood friend, Scott Summers. But in next week’s Age of X-Man: Prisoner X #1, Beast finally gets what he deserves. […]

Gimmick Infringement Abounds in Next Week’s Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics #1

Spinning out of that Deadpool issue a couple months back and in honor of Marvel’s 80th anniversary, Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics is getting a revival next week in Ziggy Pig Silly Seal Comics #1. But these aren’t the lovable anthropomorphic animals you remember (if you’re 100 years old). Instead, this is a grim and […]

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold and British in Next Week’s Killmonger Finale

Next week’s final issue of Killmonger picks up one year after the events of the previous, with Knight having betrayed her teammates for S.H.I.E.L.D. and apparently earning a sweet London pad as a reward. But Killmonger has come looking for… though it took him enough time. Well, revenge is a dish best server cold, after […]