Rob Liefeld Recalls Neo-Nazi Villains From His Captain America Run

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Yesterday, superstar artist Rob Liefeld did what President Donald Trump seems unable to do when he unequivocally denounced Nazis in an Instagram post. Now, he’s back for more.

“Nazi’s are BAD GUYS and they always will be,” Liefeld said in a post yesterday recalling his 1990s run on Captain America for Marvel while also speaking to the nation in the wake of the white supremacist gathering in Charlottesville that erupted into violence last weekend. “Don’t be a freaking nazi, white supremacist or bigot of any sort! It’s un-American and in fact it’s inhumane!”

Liefeld has followed that up with another post talking about the villains of his Captain America run, a white supremacist group known as The World Party:

“FRIGHTENINGLY, the VILLAINS of my Captain America story were the heads of ‘The World Party,’ a white supremacy group preying on the dis-enchanted youth of 1996. They were a NEO-NAZI group headed by Marvel’s infamous Aryan Facist, Master-Man!”

A nostalgic Liefeld promised more Nazi-smashing Instagram posts to come in the future: “Good lord, this feels like I wrote it last night. Stay tuned as I’ll depict Cap kicking Master Man’s ass in my next post!”

Check out Liefeld’s post below:

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