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Savage Dragon #230 cover by Eric Larsen

Savage Dragon #230 Review: Yuletide Nazi-Punching

Malcolm Dragon, Maxine, and their kids are given the opportunity to appear on a reality television series. Dragon isn't especially excited, but Maxine thinks this will be perfect for the family. Elsewhere, Maxine's mother tries to give Kevin a wardrobe upgrade to help improve his life. Plus, Angel and the others are still trapped in […]

rob liefeld

Rob Liefeld Recalls Neo-Nazi Villains From His Captain America Run

Yesterday, superstar artist Rob Liefeld did what President Donald Trump seems unable to do when he unequivocally denounced Nazis in an Instagram post. Now, he's back for more. "Nazi's are BAD GUYS and they always will be," Liefeld said in a post yesterday recalling his 1990s run on Captain America for Marvel while also speaking […]

rob liefeld

Rob Liefeld To America: "Don't Be A Freaking Nazi"

Superstar artist, Deadpool creator, Wizard World Hall of Legends inaugural inductee, and comics luminary Sir Robert Liefeld has taken to Instagram to share two simple, irrefutable facts with his fans. First, his work on Captain America was a resounding success. And second, Nazis are bad. Sure, it seems like this one shouldn't really need to be said, […]

nick spencer

Nick Spencer: People Have Chosen Equivalence As A Way Out Of Moral Conduct

On Sunday, Secret Empire writer Nick Spencer was stuck at the airport, waiting on a flight. What better way to pass the time than with some political tweeting? But Twitter, a temperamental beast, decided to respond by bringing up some inconvenient comparisons: the pictures of Nazis in Captain America costumes… so fucked […]


Gail Simone's #ComicsHateNazis, The Hashtag America Needs Right Now

As America ramps up for the blockbuster sequel to the 1861 hit Civil War, the Nazi-punching debate has been thrust back to the forefront of the comics internet like a right cross to a Nazi's jaw. And superstar creator Gail Simone has called on the pro Nazi-punching forces of Comicsdom to fill a new hashtag […]

Emma Frost Weighs In On Nazi Punching Debate In New Tie-In, Secret Empire: United

Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool asked the question: "will Marvel's Champions punch Nazis in already-delayed Secret Empire tie-in, Secret Empire: Uprising?" For the next (probably five dollar) one-shot supplementing the super-mega-crossover event in June, Marvel isn't leaving things up to the imagination. Revealed on Marvel media partner website IGN, Emma Frost will lead a team of X-Men against […]