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Will (SPOILER)'s Death Have Consequences? Teen Titans #30 Preview

Now Lois Protects a White House Whistleblower in Lois Lane #5 [Spoilers]

While Marvel Comics strives to remain as apolitical as possible, rival DC Comics has made no efforts to hide parallels with Donald Trump’s White House in the pages of Lois Lane. Those comparisons have been there from the start of the series, in the storyline titled Enemy of the People, a phrase used by Trump […]

John F. Kelly Said Marvel Chair Ike Perlmutter Didn’t Know What He’s Talking About

The other day we mentioned that Marvel Chair Ike Perlmutter might be under the spotlight in former Department of Veteran Affairs secretary David Shulkin‘s new book, It Shouldn’t Be This Hard to Serve Your Country: Our Broken Government and the Plight of Veterans, about working under the Trump administration. A position he discovered he had […]

Impeachment in the Dark Multiverse in Flash Forward #2 [Preview]

Impeachment in the Dark Multiverse in Flash Forward #2 [Preview]

President Donald Trump has decried the impeachment inquiry being conducted by Democrats in the House of Representatives as a witch hunt and treason, but as we see in this preview of Flash Forward #2, Trump doesn’t know how good he’s got it! After murdering a bunch of people in Heroes in Crisis, Wally West wasn’t […]

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Shep Smith Learns to Embrace Life, Leaves FOX News Airwaves Effective Friday [VIDEO]

FOX News original Shepard “Shep” Smith will be leaving the self-proclaimed news network after 23 years, making the announcement during his Friday show – which will be his last. Here’s a look at final sign off from Smith (who had been with the network since 1996), followed by his official statement: Full video: Shepard Smith's […]

Andrew Yang is the Best Candidate to Defeat Donald Trump… In the Wrestling Ring

As a field of Democratic hopefuls vies for top spots in the presidential primaries, one question on everyone’s mind is: who can defeat Donald Trump in the general election? And while quite a few candidates have made cases for that based on contrasts with Trump in terms of policy, intelligence, and simple human decency, one […]

Now Lex Luthor Attacks Donald Trump in DC's Year Of The Villain #1 (Spoilers)

When Donald Trump and Lex Luthor Conspired Against Batman

The current Batman run written by Tom King and published by DC Comics has seen Bane take over Gotham. The entire run has seen Bane destroy Batman, piece by piece, a macro-reflection of his classic Knightfall story, that has seen 70 issues telling the story of Bane lifting Batman above his head and dropping him […]

President Trump Talk Wonder Woman in Doomsday Clock #11

The Fate of President Donald Trump in Doomsday Clock #11… (Spoilers)

You may not see his face. But his speech patterns are unmistakable. Donald Trump as President Of The United States during Doomsday Clock, and praising Wonder Woman’s efforts against the now-superpowered state of Kahndaq under Black Adam. And the ‘vey bad metahumans’. To be fair, you have to give him credit for getting the last […]

New Youngblood Publisher Trolls Rob Liefeld on Twitter, Wants to Make Him Famous

New Youngblood Publisher Terrific Production LLC Predicts Democrats Will Win 2020

New Youngblood publisher Terrific Production LLC has a prediction about the upcoming 2020 U.S. Presidential election, and they’re so confident, they’ve repeated it fifteen times and counting. If you haven’t been following along, here’s the deal with Terrific. Andrew Rev’s Terrific Production LLC recently acquired the rights to Youngblood, a matter which Youngblood creator Rob Liefeld was not […]

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Armie Hammer Calls Out Marvel Chairman Ike Perlmutter for Trump Support

Bleeding Cool has long-documented the strange adventures of Marvel Entertainment Chairman Ike Perlmutter, from his elusive avoidance of the public eye (until recently) to his feud with Fox over the movie rights to Fantastic Four and X-Men that caused both properties to be downplayed in comics to his falling out with Kevin Feige over the […]

Tom King Says Strange Adventures Will Be About Trump Instead of PTSD

Tom King Says Strange Adventures Will Be About Trump Instead of PTSD

We just learned that Tom King, Mitch Gerads, and Doc Shaner are working on an Adam Strange comic called Strange Adventures at DC Comics for release in 2020. And at the DC Sunday Conversation panel at San Diego Comic-Con, King shared a few details on the project with DC Publisher Dan Didio and the assembled […]

Could Donald Trump Return to WWE For Smackdown's Fox Debut

Could Donald Trump Return to WWE For Smackdown’s Fox Debut

Donald Trump may be the wrestlingest president since Abraham Lincoln, and if Fox executives get their wish according to a rumor floating around the pro wrestling dirt sheets, he could be returning to the ring when Smackdown Live debuts on Fox in October. According to the rumors, which must be taken with a grain of […]

Microsoft, Nintendo, & Sony Warn Trump Tariffs Will Cost Consumers More

Microsoft, Nintendo, & Sony Warn Trump Tariffs Will Cost Consumers More

If you ever want to make gamers get out and vote, letting them know they’ll end up paying more for their consoles with tariffs will do the trick. In a joint letter to President Donald Trump, representatives for Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony sent a joint letter addressing the impact of tariffs on the video game […]

There's No Collusion in Shuri #5 (Preview)

There’s No Collusion in Shuri #9 (Preview)

In the pages of Shuri #5 this week, the titular hero finds herself the subject of controversy, some might even say a witch hunt. It turns out the space monster she’s been fighting has the assistance of a hacker, clearly an enemy of Wakanda. However, Shuri has been revealed to have worked with this hacker […]

Donald Trump The Caveman Coming to Comic Stores

Donald Trump The Caveman Coming to Comic Stores

Donald The Caveman is aseries of graphic novels for kids by Eric Metaxas and Tim Raglin. The first volume published in bookstores last year but never made it through to the comic store direct market. That’s changing in a month as Diamond Comic Distributors is rush-soliciting two volumes, Donald Drains The Swamp and Donald Builds […]