Nerd Food: Wonder Woman Cookies Of Truth

Wonder Woman  comes out tonight, and I am ready! I’m heading to see the movie tonight and tomorrow with a number of my friends, and we’re all excited to see it — as most people should be, since it’s scoring high on Rotten Tomatoes! Pillsbury in turn is adding to the hype with their ready to bake Wonder Woman Cookies. I got them for $3, which isn’t bad at all. The directions are simple: set your oven to 350, put the cookies on a baking sheet, bake for 10-12 minutes. Seriously foolproof.

The cookies are simple and cute. They have the W on them in yellow and red, which is a good way to show off your Wonder Woman pride. The cookies are good, run of the mill sugar cookies. These are perfect for a comic themed party, or just for yourself! Pillsbury also has a cool recipe for Wonder Woman Cookie Sandwiches, which I may try at a later time!

Wonder Woman Cookies - Pillsbury

Wonder Woman Cookies - Lasso of Truth quiz

Wonder Woman Cookies - baking pan

Wonder Woman Cookies - baking pan


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