Dr Pepper

Skybound Publishes the Time-Traveling Adventures of the Doctor for SDCC... Dr. Pepper, That Is

Skybound Finds Walking Dead Replacement in the Time-Traveling Adventures of a Doctor

Skybound’s hit series The Walking Dead may have come to an abrupt end this month, but the comic book publisher has thankfully found a suitable replacement. Releasing Friday at San Diego Comic-Con, Skybound presents the adventures of a time-traveling doctor who accidentally ruptures the spice-time continuum and gets sucked into a portal, transporting him to […]

Nerd Food: Wonder Woman And The Mighty Dr. Pepper

While I write this up for Bleeding Cool, I think it’s important to note that I have the Rifftrax Star Wars Holiday Special on in the background. It’s proven to be both inspiring and awe inducing, and goes along great with my Wonder Woman Dr. Pepper.   Just kidding, this movie is goddamn terrible and […]

Dr Pepper Brings You A New Look Batman V Superman

Batman drinks Dr Pepper. This we know. But he also appears on cans and bottles of Dr Pepper in the current promotion Just in the USA mind, which is why I am unable to, after download the Blippar app, scan a Batman V Superman bottle of Dr Pepper, and get a variety of Batman V […]