Rewriting The DC Universe Today In Flash #21 – Bringing It All Back Again (SPOILERS)

Today’s Action Comics #978 kills off the five-year timeline of the DC New 52, by stretching it to fifteen or more. And has Jonathan Kent no longer born in Thomas Wayne’s alternate universe Batcave.

Today’s Flash #21, continuing The Button storyline has a few things to say about all that as well.

Including revisiting, for the first time, the scene with Johnny Thunder from the Justice Society Of America, from DC Universe: Rebirth. Remember that?


History has been stolen. And in today’s Flash #21, Johnny Thunder is still tilting against the thunderstorm.


And Batman running on the cosmic treadmill with the Flash, gets to see some of it.


That’s a reference to the very first origin of the Justice League, from 1962…


A reference to Crisis On Infinite Earths #2…


Oh look, the return of Identity Crisis. Because that’s what everyone needed.


But it looks like it’s all coming back. The Justice Society, the sixties origin, Crisis and Identity Crisis. Whether you want them or not.

And a destination? Thomas Wayne’s Batcave.


No sign of super-placenta though… Flash #21 by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter.

Flash #21 by Joshua Williamson and Howard Porter is published by DC Comics today.

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