Can Batman And Flash Make The Watchmen Button Less Radioactive In Flash #21?

Comics Beat has been handed the most-desired preview of this week’s Flash #21. I bet CBR, Newsarama and Comic Book are steaming.

Cos, it’s all about the radioactivity of the Watchmen smiley button. Watchmen being radioactive in other people’s hands, maybe?

Flash 21 interior page The Button

This may also let you know what is in the new continuity – in some form or other. From Lobo’s hook to Martian Manhunter’s suit to the Blue Beetle ship to Destiny’s book, there’s a lot to find here.

And remember this scene from DC Universe Rebirth that led to The Button storyline?

Batman 21 interior page The Button

Well, we get to see it again from the Flash perspective.

Flash 21 interior page The Button

And a return to Flashpoint…

Flash 21 interior page The Button

And it’s time for a trip…
Flash 21 interior page The Button

Is that a reference to The Return of Bruce Wayne? Or just recent issues of Justice League? Who know who remembers what right now… still at least Batman can keep up…

Flash 21 interior page The Button page 14

What is Batman seeing? Could it be mega-spoilers?

Flash #21 by Geoff Johns, Josh Williamson and Howard Porter, doing some amazing work there, Howard, is published tomorrow by DC Comics.

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