Killing The 5 Year Timeline – Superman, Flash And Blue Beetle Spoilers For The Week Ahead, Rumbling Around C2E2 (UPDATE)


There appear to be a number of next week’s DC Comics being passed around folk at C2E2. Who are all of a jitter as a result. Who let them out of the booth?


I am told that Action Comics #978 reaffirms Superman’s classic history, but weaves the events of Lois and Clark, Rebirth, New 52, and Reborn into it. Clark not only has his old history, but he also adopted the New 52 look shortly after his electric blue suit from the 90s story, which he seems to have worn until recently. It’s all canon, even the stories like Exile. Jurgens weaves it all together. Some of New 52 is mixed in, like his parents dying when he was 21 or so.

We see that this one unified Clark has worn every costume both Supermen ever wore at some point. Classic, electric blue, black suit, black suit with beard, Hunter Prey, Kandor, New 52, Rebirth, Reborn, etc etc etc. He has a LONG and deep history now. Their time spent living on a California farm and the Hamilton farm are all explained, too.

More importantly, it destroys the 5 year timeline. It’s dead. The Justice League has been around almost 15 years, with Batman and Diana being there for Jon’s birth in the fortress. We see a new look for Batman in his early career, which is like his Rebirth outfit with the yellow trim removed from his chest symbol. Clark mentions the JL was destroyed by Doomsday way back before he got married. We also see Hal Jordan there for Coast City’s disaster, having his meltdown. Conner Kent is the one thing removed. This may be what Clark feels is missing.

And Mr Oz also destroys the ice sculpture of his earth parents, which may be foreshadowing.

As for Wonder Woman and Jonathan Carroll, their respective beaus during the New 52?

Never happened. Lois and Diana are said to be close friends their whole life. Diana delivered Jon. There is the sense that the two Supermans had their lives righted after uniting. The “wrong” history like Convergence or the Diana relationship are gone. They both returned to the other what was missing.

After the wedding and the electric suit story, Superman put on the New 52 gear and took 9-month-pregnant Lois to California to hide from Intergang, who blew up her office. This is when she became Author X and they lived on their first farm as the Smiths. Clark adopted the beard and the black suit and left the JL. After a year, they return to Metropolis. When Jon looks to be about 5, they move to the Hamilton Farm. This is where he puts the New 52 suit back on and battles Ulysses, Oracle(space god), Blanque, etc. These recent events are retold versions of New 52’s recent stories.

Lois and Clark never dated anyone else.