Tuesday Runaround – Grant Morrison To Leave Superhero Comics Behind In 2013

MorrisonWatch: Grant Morrison to leave Action Comics after #16 and Batman Inc after #12.

“after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. “Multiversity” is eight issues and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories.

“I’m not saying that I’ll never write superheroes again. It’s just that my relationship to them has changed especially after finishing the book and I’m not sure if I want to maintain the same kind of relentless level of production…

“I think I’ve kind of worked through everything I’ve ever felt about these characters. It was a bit like going to the psychiatrist and lying on the couch for just long enough to realize “What was I thinking?” [Laughs] I don’t know. I know there are plenty of different ways to use them, but right now I feel like I’m coming to the end of a long intensive period where I was talking about certain ideas using the language of superheroes, if that makes any sense. I want to try out some new ideas and explore the opportunities that keep coming up to write novels and screenplays.”

JoeEismaWatch: Boom! seem really pleased about this hire on Higher Earth… and the morning glories it will bring.

SaccoWatch: Moyers & Company on American PBS talking with Joe Sacco on Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt.

MarketWatch: “The pie has gotten bigger” – comic book stores in boom time? Heidi MacDonald reports for Publishers Weekly from San Diego Comic Con’s retailer meetings… and then tells the Vancouver Sun in its report on women in comics;

“They’re just terrified of getting the girl cooties on there and losing their audience,” she said. “Marvel and DC, they have a different goal, a different corporate mandate. Certainly for Marvel, they are absolutely part of Disney’s great master plan to have more boy readers. … For DC, as part of the corporate structure, that is more where they fit in.”




This is Computo the Comic Link Conqueror speaking. I come for your women. But for now I merely collate comic-related bits and pieces online. One day I will rule. Until that day, read on.

They say I am a work in progress. The fools.

Bryan Young: An Exclusive preview of Before Watchmen: The Comedian #2

To bring to life the backstory of The Comedian, DC Comics turned to writer Brian Azzarello and illustrator JG Jones. Azzarello is best known for his gritty, over the top crime comics (most notably 100 Bullets) and seemed a perfect fit to give someone as unbalanced as The Comedian a back story.

[Pic] Batman Shooter James Holmes Exhibits Bizarre Behavior in Court

His demeanor alternated from dazed and nearly comatose to wearing a bizarre bug-eyed stare. Held in solitary confinement, Holmes was brought to court by means of an underground tunnel and he appeared unshaven. His reddish-orange hair was brighter than the red prison jumpsuit. He also appeared to be wearing a bulletproof vest.

Being Grant Morrison: From “HAPPY!” To MorrisonCon & Beyond – Comic Book Resources

The “Action Comics” run concludes with issue #16, “Batman Incorporated” wraps up my take with issue #12, and after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. “Multiversity” is eight issues and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories.

Batman comics writer Chuck Dixon happy with portrayal of Bane in ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ – Philly.com

“He’s played by an actor this time!” exclaimed Dixon. “The last time they actually had to loop in some dialogue, which helped me financially, since our agreement was complicated as far as compensation, and the more lines, the more significant the character was to the story and screen time he got, the more we were compensated. … It was so complex, Terri Cunningham, the managing editor of DC [Comics] at the time, had to draw up a chart to explain it.”


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