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Boom Cancels Sam Humphries’ Higher Earth

Michael McDermott reports for Bleeding Cool from NYCC; This place is insane. If casually bumping into your favorite creators and BS-ing about comics is your thing, you NEED to make the trip to one of these major shows. Caught Sam Humphries on his way out the door at the show where he dropped the unfortunate […]

Saturday Runaround – A Far Higher Earth

  HighWatch: Sam Humphries shares designs from Higher Earth; TwitWatch: Did someone at Image forget to log out of the official account before tweeting something of a more personal nature? 101Watch: Remember those newspaper articles about how comics aren’t all just superhero comics from the eighties and nineties? They’re back. GuardianWatch: The Guardian fetes Mark […]

Review: Higher Earth #4

Mark Robert Bourne writes for Bleeding Cool; Credits: Sam Humphries – Writer Francesco Biagini – Artist Andrew Crossley – Colorist Ed Dukeshire – Letters Dafna Pleban – Editor Frazer Irving – Covers Phil Noto Michael Golden Garry Brown To me, Higher Earth, published by Boom Studios, is a fusion of ideas used in many Sci-Fi […]

Tuesday Runaround – Grant Morrison To Leave Superhero Comics Behind In 2013

MorrisonWatch: Grant Morrison to leave Action Comics after #16 and Batman Inc after #12. “after that I don’t have any plans for monthly superhero books for a while. “Multiversity” is eight issues and I’m 30-odd pages into a Wonder Woman project but those are finite stories. “I’m not saying that I’ll never write superheroes again. […]

Speculator Corner: Higher Earth #3

There’s something about issue threes. Sleeper-successful comic books often begin to turn around with issue 4. For those big surprise success stories, issue 3 is often the most underordered. We call it Issue Three syndrome.  Go on and try to find a Walking Dead #3. I understand that Boom! believes that Higher Earth #3 has […]

Higher Earth #2 Is Boom’s Fastest Sell Out To Date

I’m told that the print run for the first print of Boom’s Higher Earth #2 by Sam Humphries, Manuel Bracchi and Francesco Biagini was 7,550. And that it sold out faster than anything Boom! has previously published, seventeen days before it went on sale – possibly as an affect effect of the $1 first issue. […]

Dealing Cool #5: Big Developments & FCBD at Third Eye Comics

So it’s now the fifth installment of Dealing Cool, and it’s time that the retailer feedback feature begins to show how the market can shift and flow as the months progress.  How are comic shops changing?  What’s new and exciting?  Today, we’re proud to revisit Steve Anderson of Third Eye Comics to hear his take […]

Higher Earth Hits A Second Print From Boom

The new comic from Our Love Is Real‘s Sam Humphries for Boom! has gone to second print. It’s got a second print. And it’s still only a dollar. Higher Earth by Sam Humphries and Francesco Baigini. “Space is dead. Why conquer other planets when there’s a perfectly good Earth in the universe next door? Heidi, […]

Michael Golden’s CGC 9.8 Cover For Sam Humphries’ Higher Earth

This is the latest in a series of promotional covers created by Boom! to encourage retailers to experiment by ordering large on certain titles, in return for a very rare variant by a high end artist. To follow up on the Joe Jusko Valen The Outcast covers, and Arthur Suydam’s Fanboys Vs Zombies, here is […]