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Charlie's Angels #1 cover by David Finch, Jimmy Reyes, and Triona Farrell

Charlie’s Angels #1 Review: Made for Fans and No One Else

Charlie’s Angels are back, and it’s still the 1970’s. The three Angels have gone undercover in a club where they are spying on a weapon’s deal going down. Jill is a host, Kelly is a waitress, and Sabrina is the performer. Together, they are going to gather evidence and stop the men perpetrating the deal. […]

Valiant High #1

Joe Eisma’s Valiant High #1 Variant and More Denver Comic Con Exclusives

Valiant has unveiled all the exclusives they plan to offer at Denver Comic Con, and with the mile high city’s legal recreational marijuana program, we figure it’s probably best to write it all down so nobody forgets. Maaaan. First up, a Valiant High #1 variant by Joe Eisma: While you’re at the Valiant Booth, check […]

Jughead: The Hunger #6 cover by Adam Gorham

Jughead: The Hunger #6 Review – A Good-Enough Horror Comic

Jellybean has been taken by the werewolves, and Archie has finally gotten back home. Jughead shows up not long after to get help in saving Jellybean. Archie agrees, and the two go to Betty, but she isn’t willing to work with Jughead. That means it’s just Archie and Jughead against a pack of werewolves. I […]

Exclusive Look Inside Charlie’s Angels #1 by John Layman and Joe Eisma

Dynamite has sent us an exclusive look at the interior pages for their upcoming series launch of Charlie’s Angels. John Layman and Joe Eisma team to tell stories of the iconic female detectives who made their television debut in September of 1976. Featuring the original lineup of Jill, Kelly, and Sabrina (originally portrayed by Farah […]

In Layman’s Terms: John Layman Talks New Charlie’s Angels Comic Series

Dynamite recently announced the launch of a Charlie’s Angels comic series written by John Layman (Chew). The writer is known for telling compelling stories with a bit of humor. I got to talk to him about adapting the iconic ’70s television series to the comic page… and of course, he answered in Layman’s terms. DAN […]

John Layman and Joe Eisma Team for Charlie’s Angels Comic Book Series

The second of Dynamite’s three announcements will catch a few folks by surprise. The publisher has landed the license for Charlie’s Angels and enticed fan-favorite writer John Layman (Chew) and artist Joe Eisma (Big Trouble in Little China) to come on board as the creative team. Based on Sony Pictures Television’s action classic television series of […]

Cosmo Flies, Vampironica Returns, and so does Your Pal Archie- Archie March 2018 Solicits

The new action series, Cosmo, continus its run, Riverdale gets a Free Comic Book Day release, Vampironica returns as well as Your Pal Archie, and Archie gets a 1000-page collection release. All this and more comes from the Archie Comics March 2018 solicitations. Details below. FCBD 2018 –  RIVERDALE Set in the same universe as the hit CW series, this issue gives us […]

Canadian Rockers Tegan And Sara Will Guest Star In February’s Archies #5

When one thinks about some of rock’s greatest duos, a few names come to mind. Lennon and McCartney. Jones and Strummer. Slash and Axl. The Captain and Tennille. And, of course, Canadian indie pop duo Tegan and Sara. Tegan and Sara are set to guest star in an upcoming issue of The Archies, written by Alex […]

The Archies Meet Scottish Indie Band CHVRCHES In The Archies #2

Archie Comics has been on a roll recently with changing titles. After many of the “reboot” lines were scrapped, Archie has been replacing them with some pretty awesome titles–including Jughead: The Hunger and The Archies. The new series, which focuses on the infamous comic book band, will be introducing real bands through its series. First […]

Riverdale #3 Review: Their Ambitions Are Anything But Small

With Riverdale on break until next season, I am doing anything I can to fill that void in my life. This includes seeing the cast at cons, watching the show on Netflix (and truthfully, nothing else), and reading the ongoing Riverdale comic series written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, James DeWille, and James Ewing, with art by […]

#HotBetty: Riverdale #1

Since Riverdale is the new hotness with teenagers, it would only make sense that a TV show based on a 75-year-old comic series would turn around and get a comic series of it’s own. Because why not? According to Archie Publications: From Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and the writers of the new CW series Riverdale comes the first […]

To Seduce A Red Head: Archie 17

Mark Waid knows how to write proverbial gold. His take on the Archie universe has been exceptional. In this issue we continue with Cheryl trying to take over Riverdale, while Veronica works her ass off to get back home to protect Archie (and well, all of her friends). Cheryl is incredible. She’s manipulative, coy, clever, […]

Faith #8 Touches On Today’s Issues With Subtlety And Cynacism

Valiant’s series Faith has been great for more than just being a strong female role model that doesn’t conform to the unrealistic comic book standards. The series has been able to touch upon topics that effect a lot of people on an everyday basis. With this eight issue by Jody Houser, Joe Eisma and Margurite […]

Faith #10 Offers “Faithless” Jumping On Point, Four Covers, More Joe Eisma Art

A brand new supervillain team will make its debut in April’s Faith #5, which Valiant is calling “a sinister new jumping-on point introducing The Faithless, a terrorizing team of foes sworn to eliminate the one and only Faith “Zephyr” Herbert” in a press release. If you’re one of the fans who held off on checking […]

They Invented Yelp: Archie #16

Mark Waid’s take on the iconic Archie Andrews has so far been amazing. Archie, and his colorful cast of characters, have really come alive with Waid behind the wheel. In this issue we focus on resident genius, Dilton Doily. Dilton has just created a new app that rates romantic spots. Reggie finds out, and decides […]

Meghan Hetrick Puts Bleeding Cool In Its Place, Explains Faith Artist Change

Earlier today, Bleeding Cool reported on Joe Eisma’s upcoming two-issue stint beginning with Faith #7. Since there was no information provided on the reason for the change, we decided it was best to speculate that it was an attempt to change the subject due to embarrassment over the company double-shipping copies of Faith #5, the […]

Ch-Ch-Changes: Joe Eisma Is The New Artist For Valiant’s Faith #7 and #8

Faith #7 from Valiant Entertainment was originally solicited with artists Meghan Hetrick and Marguerite Sauvage. But while Savage will continue to illustrate the book’s fantasy sequences, Joe Eisma will take over the rest of the art duties, at least for the next issues, according to an EXXXCLUSIVE report from CBR. There’s no word on the […]