DC Collects All of George Perez's Wonder Woman in an Omnibus, Then His Superman

DC Comics Collects George Perez’s Adventures Of Superman in Hardcover

We mentioned that DC Comics was upping its ante when collecting Wonder Woman in May 2020, ahead of the June release of the Wonder Woman 84 movie. May will see the previous announced Wonder Woman: War of Gods Omnibus Hardcover collecting his big crossover event. But it’s not the only big George Perez collection in […]

DC to Collect William Messner-Loebs’ Wonder Woman Comics

Comic book writer William Messner-Loebs seems to have had the worst luck when it comes to healthcare and housing. Best known for his work on The Flash, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow, Epicurus The Sage and The Maxx, comics work has dried up just when he needed it most, He has been helped by the charity […]

Love N Life Tops 100 Comics Read Digitally on Graphite in August 2019

For the second time, this is the Top 100 list of the most-read comics on new digital comic book reader Graphite which offers comics for free with ads, or ad-free for a small fee. Mark Waid‘s Irredeemable drops from number one to number three as webtoon newcomers to the app, Love N Life from Kirinu and […]

Let's All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Let’s All Read Excalibur #31 in the Light Of HOXPOX

Ah, Excalibur #31, published in the early nineties, in the dark, dark days of the between-Alan Davis runs of that mutant spinoff. I’ve been rereading a few in an attempt to find the first US mentions of Marvel being the 616 universe. Excalibur #44 is out earliest so far. Any previous? But during which I […]

Has Anyone Else Lost Their Marvel Unlimited History?

Has Anyone Else Had Their Marvel Unlimited History Deleted?

There’s a Bleeding Cool reader… let’s call him Gerry. Because that’s his name. He is a subscriber to Marvel Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat streaming service for Marvel Comics back-issues, which also lets you download titles, lets you know which titles you have read and lines up new comic books. Well, this is how his conversation went […]

Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future.... Foundation

Marvel Comics Cancels Their Future…. Foundation

Marvel Comics recently saw the revival of their comic book title, The Future Foundation, running alongside the new Fantastic Four series, and showing what happens to those they left behind, the Power Pack kids and aliens working (currently with Yondu) to recreate the Marvel Multiverse after Secret Wars, investigate its anomalies and generally mess around […]

Meet Anthony Marques, the New Owner of The Kubert School

Meet Anthony Marques, the New Owner of The Kubert School

Anthony Marques has just bought The Kubert School, the famous comic book art college created by Joe Kubert. A 2011 graduate of The Joe Kubert School of Cartoon and Graphic Arts, Inc in Dover, New Jersey, he is now its owner and president. A freelance comics artist, including work for Dynamite Entertainment, IDW, and Dark […]

How Dangerous Are Ducks Anyway?

How Dangerous Are Male Ducks Anyway? (Young Justice #8 Spoilers)

In this week’s Young Justice #8, it looks like Tim Drake is getting a superhero name change. He has been Robin, he has been Red  Robin, he has been Robin again. And now? Drake. Named after the most dangerous bird, according to his Earth-3 counterpart, something Tim Drake thinks is really good, and Bart Allen […]

This is What Three Hours of Frank Cho Crosshatching Gets You

This is What Three Hours of Frank Cho Crosshatching Gets You, For Fight Girls

Frank Cho posted a couple of days ago, a new page from his upcoming series for Artists, Writers & Artians, Inc, Fight Girls. Also in this case, he;s been fighting against the clock, and showed off the results of three hours worth of crosshatching on the background to one particular page… After which he went […]

Cat & Mouse Takes on Human Trafficking

Cat & Mouse Takes on Human Trafficking

Veteran or “seasoned” fans might remember Cat & Mouse from the late 80s and early 90s. Created by Roland Mann and Mitch Byrd, the series first saw print in 1989 courtesy of the short lived EFGraphics. It was then picked up by Malibu Comics’ Aircel imprint and ran for 18 issues, many of those issues making Comic […]

First Look at This Weekend’s Walmart DC Giant Comic Magazines

The new DC Giants hit Walmart this weekend. Everything but the Superman Giant #15 is no longer exclusive to Walmart, but will only reach the comic store market in a few weeks. Here’s how they are all looking on the shelves. Superman Giant #15 (with #16 confirmed as on the way next month). Batman Giant #1 […]