Blizzard Is Holding Their Annual "Overwatch" Yule Log For 2019

Would you like to spend a few hours seeing random people involved with Overwatch sit by a fire and stare at you? Today's your lucky day! Blizzard has started up their annual Yule Log stream on Twitch, in which members of the Overwatch team, as well as voice actors and other people involved with the game and the League plop down in a chair and look at you. Some will eat cookies, some will occasionally say stuff, others will just sit there and look so still you won't know if it's a gif or real life. Like Jeff Kaplan, who is looking super intense this time.

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Credit: Blizzard

You can watch the stream below if you'd like, or go to Twitch to be in the chat room. We honestly have no idea how much of this is live or pre-recorded, so we're assuming this isn't an interactive bit. But hey, you can throw it up on your TV or monitor to watch while planning your last-minute stuff. Or just see what weird stuff they managed to get everyone to do during their time on the chair. And wonder just what it is they may be drinking in that cup sitting a little too close to the fire.

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