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“Overwatch” Launches The Bastion’s Brick Challenge Event

Would you like to have a LEGO version of Bastion in your copy of Overwatch? Blizzard just launched a brand new event that’s pretty easy to do. Starting today and running until the end of September, you can take part in Bastion’s Brick Challenge. All you have to do is win nine games in one […]

Vancouver & New York Advance To Overwatch League Postseason

The Overwatch League will have a new champion for 2019 no matter what the outcome, and we now know two of the teams vying for the championship. After this weekend’s matchups we now know that the Vancouver Titans and the New York Excelsior will be moving on into the grand finals bracket for a shot […]

"Overwatch" Is Officially Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Could Cross-Play Come To “Overwatch” For The Nintendo Switch?

With the announcement of Overwatch coming to the Nintendo Switch, the question has now come up, would it be possible for cross-play on the console? We know how difficult it is to get Sony to play ball with Microsoft and other PC-related titles on the matter, but Nintendo has been pretty open to the idea […]

"Overwatch" Is Officially Coming To The Nintendo Switch

“Overwatch” Is Officially Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Today during the Nintendo Direct feed, the company revealed the worst kept secret the past month, that Overwatch is coming to the Nintendo Switch. The news tok place at the start of the event, showing off the game on the console and that every single character that is currently in the game will be there […]

A New "Overwatch" Case Leads To Rumors Of A Switch Port

A New “Overwatch” Case Leads To Rumors Of A Switch Port

Amazon may have leaked one of the biggest stories of the year we didn’t know about, and it all started with a new Overwatch product. Below you see a brand new Nintendo Switch case, which was posted to Amazon today. The link has since been deleted, but not before everyone managed to get their hands […]

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Overwatch League Releases Their 2020 Seasonal Schedule

Blizzard has released the 2020 schedule for the regular season of the Overwatch League, and confirms some news we kinda knew was coming. The schedule shows that there will be multiple games taking place during the week, being held in two specific locations each week with a schedule that will swap back and forth between […]

Sigma Officially Added To The "Overwatch" PTR Serv

New Character Sigma And Role Queue Are Both Live In “Overwatch”

Starting today, Blizzard has officially added their latest hero Sigma to the Overwatch lineup, as well as the role queue system for all game modes. We’ve been testing out Sigma in the PTR servers for a while now and it seems like they finally got his balance down. But it is Overwatch, so give it […]

Blizzard Releases Details On The “Overwatch” Contenders Gauntlet in Seoul

Blizzard unveiled their plans for their upcoming Gauntlet match in Seoul, South Korea for the Overwatch Contenders League. The event will take place from October 9th-13th at the Giga Arena, with tickets going on sale September 9th. The Gauntlet will be played with Overwatch‘s 2-2-2 role lock enforced, and all Overwatch League teams have been […]

Blizzard Devs Nerf Moira In “Overwatch” After Community Complaints

It appears Moira players are going to be cursing the Overwatch community as a whole for a while after public outcry got the hero nerfed. It all started a while ago when the devs decided to give her a bit of a buff to her fade ability, which is basically a quick teleport in any […]

Sigma Officially Added To The "Overwatch" PTR Serv

Sigma Officially Added To The “Overwatch” PTR Servers

Blizzard has released more details on the new Overwatch character Sigma as he officially joins the PTR servers for players to play and test out. According to part of his bio and origin story from the devs, “Sigma is a kind and brilliant scientist who has been irreparably changed by an experiment gone wrong, gaining […]

Blizzard Officially Reveals Sigma As Next Character For "Overwatch"

Blizzard Officially Reveals Sigma As Next Character For “Overwatch”

We were wondering how long it would take Blizzard to finally show off Sigma in Overwatch, and we got our answer today with a new trailer. After a couple of weeks of teasing, the company finally put out an Origin Story trailer with only a little bit of text. “Peek inside the mind of an […]

"Overwatch" Releases A Teaser For Next Hero Character Sigma

“Overwatch” Releases A Teaser For Next Hero Character Sigma

Blizzard has been teasing their next hero addition to Overwatch for a while now, and it looks like we’re close to the pulling the trigger on the reveal. And when it comes to putting in some interest, this time around they actually got a lot of people talking and looking for clues. The teaser comes […]

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“Overwatch” Introduces Role Queue Into Test Servers For Now

Blizzard has introduced a new concept into Overwatch this week as they’ve started experimenting with the new Role Queue systems in the PTR. Basically, instead of just selecting a character at the start of the match, you can choose which role you want to cover. Whether that be Tank, Support, or Damage. Once the timer […]

The "Overwatch" 2019 Summer Games Is Officially Live

The “Overwatch” 2019 Summer Games Is Officially Live

Yesterday, Blizzard brought back one of the most popular Overwatch events as the 2019 Summer Games have officially kicked off. As noted on Twitter, the games will be here until August 5th and have brought back favorites like Lucioball to the fold. Not to mention a plethora of new skins, sprays, catchphrases and more that […]

Overwatch League Announces Plans For The 2020 Season

Overwatch League Announces Plans For The 2020 Season

While we’re looking to see what will happen for the final two stages of 2019, the Overwatch League decided to announce their upcoming plans for 2020. First up, the league will be splitting into four divisions with five teams a piece in each. Which means if the league ever expands again, which we’re thinking they […]

“Overwatch” Takes More Drastic Steps To Curb Cheating In New Update

The latest update to Overwatch that’s currently being tested will take a much more drastic approach to curb cheaters by not letting them play at all. In the latest Developer Update video from Blizzard, Jeff Kaplan talks about the new system they have currently running on the PTR servers that are designed to stop cheating […]

The Shanghai Dragons Take Stage 3 In The 2019 Overwatch League

Well… that’s a headline I didn’t think I’d be writing this year, as the Shanghai Dragons have conquered Stage 3 of the Overwatch League. Over the past few days, the league has been holding the brackets for the Stage 3 playoffs at the Blizzard Arena. The Dragons managed to overcome the biggest threat in the […]

UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection

UNIQLO Shows Off A New Blizzard Entertainment Collection

Today UNIQLO showed off their latest collection of high-end geeky wears, this time partnering with Blizzard Entertainment for a whole new collection. The new gear has shirts and designs from Overwatch, Diablo, Starcraft, World of Warcraft, Heroes of the Storm, and Hearthstone for your gaming choices. You can now check out all of these designs […]


Baptiste Receives A New “Overwatch” Short Story

Blizzard has released a brand new Overwatch character short story this week, this time focusing on their latest character to join the fray with Baptiste. You can read the story here as they go back into his story of being a medic trying to leave his past behind. But one force who didn’t forget is […]

Overwatch League Commissioner Nanzer is Moving to Epic Games

It appears that the Overwatch League is losing one of its key members as Commissioner Nate Nezner is leaving the OWL to go on and oversee esports competitions for Epic Games. Which is a fantastic move for Epic, as Fortnite doesn’t exactly have a centralized esports league. And it needed one last year. Nanzer announced his split […]