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“Pokémon Sword & Shield” Livestream Reveals New Unicorn Pokémon

Pokémon fans got a real shocker this week as a new creature made their appearance during the Pokémon Sword and Shield livestream. Yesterday on Twitch, the game’s official channel started showing off a “live camera” fo what was supposed to be a camera in a forest of the Galar Region. You got some bugs, some […]

StreamElements Research Shows Ninja Did Little To Help Mixer So Far

StreamElements, who work with all four of the major social streaming services we know, released new numbers that negate Ninja‘s move to Mixer. As we all know, Ninja made the move to the platform a few months ago, both for money and to find some freedom from Twitch’s system. According to a new infographic released […]

Ninja Slams Twitch Over Alinity Cat-Throwing Incident

It’s weird to see TwitchCon 2019 happening without Ninja involved, but that’s where we’re at, and after this week, probably never again. Earlier this year, the Fortnite player bailed on the social streaming platform for Mixer, which came with its own turmoil as adult ads suddenly found their way to his former channel. Aside from […]

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch Unveils Improvements & 2020 Dates During TwitchCon 2019

During this evening’s Opening Ceremonies for TwitchCon 2019, Twitch reps revealed a lot of new improvements coming to the platform. First and foremost, TwitchCon 2020, the European event will take place in Amsterdam from May 2nd-3rd, 2020, while the North American version returns to San Diego from September 25th-27th, 2020.  As for the features coming […]

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch Launches A Redesign To Kick Off TwitchCon 2019

Twitch decided to kick off TwitchCon 2019 by revealing a brand new redesign today on both their branding and the platform itself. For starters, as you can see here, the company changed the color palette to a new brighter purple to match what they refer to as “the vibrant energy of the community”. There will […]

Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments

Twitch Announces Partnership With The Raiders & Allegiant Stadium

This morning, Twitch announced they had formed a brand new partnership with the Oakland Raiders and their future Las Vegas home of Allegiant Stadium. According to the announcement, the partnership will include a Twitch-branded lounge in the lower level of the stadium and will feature interactive elements like streamer stations, Twitch viewing screens, esports competitions, […]

Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments

Twitch Employees To Openly Testify In Phantoml0rd Lawsuit

Streamers and content creators from every platform will be paying close attention to a lawsuit this week between Twitch and Phantoml0rd. If you’re not familiar with the situation,  James “Phantoml0rd” Varga is suing the social streaming website for monetary damages after being permanently banned. Why was be banned, you may ask? Phantoml0rd owned a CS:GO […]

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch's Advertisements on His Former Channel Page

Ninja Expresses Frustration Over Twitch’s Ads On His Former Channel

On Sunday, the popular Fortnite streamer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, vented his frustrations with Twitch’s handling of his former channel’s URL in a Twitter video post. Since his departure from the platform, Twitch has changed Ninja’s former home page to a channel recommendation list. This is out of the ordinary for the streaming giant. Often, when […]

Ninja Claims Mixer Move Wasn’t Just Financially Motivated

Ever since he switched platforms from Twitch over to Mixer, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins has basically been getting grief for taking a payday to move his stream. Game Rant has a story online today about how Ninja is continually being trolled over his move. At one point during his stream, Ninja watched a video tribute to […]

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals Returns To TwitchCon San Diego With a Massive Cash Prize

Twitch Rivals will be making a triumphant return to TwitchCon San Diego this year, with some major cash prizes on the line for a few games. The company released a few details today letting fans and players know anyone could sign up. The big tournament this year will be an Apex Legends battle with $500k […]

Twitch Prime Celebrates Prime Day With Giveaways & Tournaments

Police Currently Investigating Threats At Twitch’s Main HQ

Twitch has asked their staff at the San Francisco offices to work from home today after several threats were made toward their main HQ. Business Insider and Kouaku have been following the story today, which appears to be a shooting threat. In response, the company told their staff to work from home today while they […]

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Twitch Opens Auditions For The Next Twitch Sings: Stream Star

Twitch is giving the public another crack at being a singing superstar as they’ve opened up auditions for the next Twitch Sings: Stream Star. From now until August 5th, you have a chance of competing in this competition, where the winner will get a recording contract with Columbia Records along with a cash prize of […]

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins Moves Over To Mixer As His Main Platform

Someone at Microsoft must have written a mighty big check as Tyler “Ninja” Blevins announced today he’s moving from Twitch over to Mixer. The Fortnite streamer revealed in both a press release and an official video (which we have below) letting fans know to head to the new location. Blevins will kick off his first […]

Alinity Issues Apology After PETA Demands She Be Kicked From Twitch

Alinity Issues Apology After PETA Demands She Be Kicked From Twitch

Twitch gaming streamer Alinity is finding herself in hot water this week after she was shown throwing her cat live during a game. If you’re unfamiliar with her, Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon has been a content creator since 2012, originally starting with World of Warcraft and then moving on to being a more diverse gamer. Like […]

Twitch Reveals Their Full List Of Streamers For “Twitch Sells Out”

Twitch has officially revealed the list of streamers who will be hosting their upcoming event “Twitch Sells Out”, a Prime Day event. The list of streamers includes Ezekiel_III, Dexbonus, TheNo1Alex, Swiftor, ThatBronzeGirl, JERICHO, VernNotice, AvaGG, GoldGlove, FemSteph, CouRageJD, TimTheTatman, okaydrian, Scarra, LilyPichu, DisguisedToast, pokimane, FEDMYSTER, Lulaboo, SeriouslyClara, UmiNoKaiju, Tangent, AnneMunition, Anthony_Kongphan, Lil_Lexi, Bnans, and Grimmmz. That’s […]

VidCon & Nike Announce the Nike Sport Court For The Event

VidCon & Nike Announce The Nike Sport Court For The Event

As part of VidCon’s 10th anniversary, Nike will be bringing in the Nike Sport Court to the Anaheim Convention Center, along with some big names. Along with the announcement this morning, we learned that Gabby Douglas, Dashawn Jordan, and Giannis Antetokounmpo will be there from July 10th-13th. It’s a pretty cool addition to the convention […]

Twitch Prime Announces Free Rewards From Rockstar Games

Twitch Prime Announces Free Rewards From Rockstar Games

Today both Twitch and Rockstar Games announced a new little deal for Prime members where they can get some free goodies in Rockstar titles. Starting today, Twitch Prime members who link their Rockstar Games Social Club accounts to their profiles will get exclusive in-game bonuses, deals, and content for both Grand Theft Auto Online and […]

Razer Cuts Ties To Brazilian Streamer Over Twitter Comments

Razer Cuts Ties With Gabriela Cattuzzo Over Twitter Comments

Apparently, responding to sexual harassment on Twitter can cost you a sponsorship, as Gabriela Cattuzzo is finding out this week with Razer. Kotaku reported earlier this week that the Brazilian Twitch streamer had lost her sponsorship with the company after responding to a tweet in about the only way it should have been responded to. […]

Dr Disrespect Announces His Twitch Return Date on Twitter

Dr Disrecpect will be making a grand comeback of sorts to Twitch very soon, as he made an announcement this week following his suspension. If you’re not entirely familiar with what’s going on, here’s a brief refresher. Like a lot of us in gaming media and streaming, the Doc was at E3 2019 this year, […]

Twitch Will Hold "Twitch Sells Out" During Prime Day Events

Twitch Will Hold “Twitch Sells Out” During Prime Day Events

Along with the festivities that Twitch will be doing during Prime Day this year, you’re also going to get a fake shopping network called Twitch Sells Out. There’s not a lot to this specific story other than Twitch made it a separate surprise to reveal past the regular Prime Day events. Basically, they’ll have a […]