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The “Overwatch” League Gets New Jersey Kits From Jeff Staple

The Overwatch League is getting a bit of a redesign when it comes to their jerseys as they have received new kits in collaboration with Jeff Staple. According to the information they released today about these new designs, they were created with player feedback for a look and feel that’s unique. Both for traditional sports […]

Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year "Strategic Relationship"

Activision Blizzard & Google Announces Multi-Year “Strategic Relationship”

This week, Activision Blizzard announced that they had entered into a new multi-year “strategic relationship” with Google to power new player experiences. The main takeaways from the deal are that Google Cloud will serve as the preferred provider for Activision Blizzard’s game hosting infrastructure, while YouTube will serve as its exclusive streaming partner. (Except for […]

Jeff Kaplan Doesn't Want To Add Hero Bans To "Overwatch"

Jeff Kaplan Doesn’t Want To Add Hero Bans To “Overwatch”

One of the biggest complaints online about Overwatch these days is players constantly being stuck in whatever the meta is at the moment. Ever since the Overwatch League became a part of the game, players have been studying what pros do in competition and have been copying their playbooks for every level. Down to each […]

"Overwatch" Launches Their Lunar New Year 2020 Event Today

“Overwatch” Launches Their Lunar New Year 2020 Event Today

It’s a new year in Overwatch and you know what that means? We kick it off right with their Lunar New Year 2020 event, starting today. Like previous events, it will be filled with new skins, celebrations, animations, greetings, and more. Plus a new Capture The Flag mode, a few new weekly challenges, and some […]

"Hearthstone" Receives A New Tavern Brawl & Hearthside Chat

“Hearthstone” Receives A New Tavern Brawl & Hearthside Chat

Before Hearthstone gets to Galakrond’s Awakening, the game just got the Road to Northrend Tavern Brawl, as well as a Hearthside Chat. The brawl will run until January 22nd as you navigate the way to Northrend before Rafaam can unleash the Plague of Undeath to awaken Galakrond. You’ll choose a hero from the League of […]

Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws Relocate Their Training Facility

The Overwatch League’s Houston Outlaws are relocating their training facility in Houston after neighbors complained about the team. Apparently, the location of the training facility was a rather fancy house, located in the Woodlands area of Houston. Essentially, a really rich neighborhood with million-dollar homes and people who basically live there for privacy. Neighbors complained […]

"Hearthstone" Solo Adventure "Galakrond’s Awakening" Arrives Jan. 21

“Hearthstone” Solo Adventure “Galakrond’s Awakening” Arrives Jan. 21

This week, Blizzard revealed that the next solo adventure for Hearthstone entitled Galakrond’s Awakening will be out in just a couple of weeks. Along with some shiny new backs to the cards, players will be able to go through a chapter a week each week starting January 21st. The first chapter will be free for […]

Blizzard Entertainment Enters Three-Year Deal With DreamHack & ESL

Along with the Hearthstone news today, Blizzard Entertainment announced they have entered a three-year esports deal with DreamHack and the ESL. The short version of the deal is that they will be presenting Warcraft III: Reforged and StarCraft II tournaments moving forward as part of their major events. This means that they will take over […]

Blizzard Announces Hearthstone Masters Tour Championships in Seoul

The “Hearthstone” Masters Tour Expands Dates For 2020

Blizzard Entertainment announced today that they will be expanding the Heathstone Masters Tour by adding more dates in 2020. We now know those dates will expand from three major tournaments to six, and will be including more European dates as they have confirmed Sweden and Spain as major tournament locations. All six Masters Tours in […]

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Overwatch League Moves Two Desk Personalities To Commentary

With people seemingly leaving the Overwatch League left and right, the league has decided to do some shifting of personnel for Season Three. Over the past week, we’ve talked about three personalities who have departed now that their contracts are up. As the league will apparently now be moving on without Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles, Erik […]

A Second Talent Leaves As Another Questions The Overwatch League

A Second Talent Leaves As Another Questions The Overwatch League

This is not the best week for the Overwatch League, as yet another personality has announced their departure, while another talent questions the direction. First off, Chris Puckett, who served as the primary host for the League’s broadcasts, announced today on Twitter that he is no longer employed by the League. He let fans know […]

Esports Broadcaster MonteCristo Announces Overwatch League Departure

Esports Broadcaster MonteCristo Announces Overwatch League Departure

When the third season of the Overwatch League kicks in, it will be missing a familiar voice as Christopher “MonteCristo” Mykles has left. Mykles has had a pretty lengthy esports career, first by forming the team Renegades and making them a powerhouse organization. He also was the coach for Counter Logic before transitioning into broadcasting […]

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Blizzard Is Holding Their Annual “Overwatch” Yule Log For 2019

Would you like to spend a few hours seeing random people involved with Overwatch sit by a fire and stare at you? Today’s your lucky day! Blizzard has started up their annual Yule Log stream on Twitch, in which members of the Overwatch team, as well as voice actors and other people involved with the […]

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“Warcraft III: Reforged” Will Officially Launch On January 28th

Blizzard finally announced a release date this week for Warcraft III: Reforged, as the game will see the light of day on January 28th, 2020. Players will have two options to buy on the Blizzard Shop. The standard edition will go for $30, and the Spoils Of War Edition, which will sell for $40. The […]

“Overwatch” Receives The Winter Wonderland 2019 Event

‘Tis the season, and with it, comes everyone’s favorite Overwatch event, as they have officially kicked off their fourth Winter Wonderland. Along with the event, as always, comes new skins and sprays for people to collect. But a new game mode has now been added with Snowball Deathmatch, and a new series of weekly challenges. […]

Blizzard Announces Next "Hearthstone" Masters Tour Stop In Indonesia

Blizzard Announces Next “Hearthstone” Masters Tour Stop In Indonesia

Blizzard Entertainment announced the next stop of the Hearthstone Masters Tour after Arlington, as they’ll be headed to Indonesia. The event will specifically take place in Bali at the Mulia Resort and Villas from March 20th-22nd, 2020. They will be inviting over 300 competitors to battle for a $250k prize pool. The qualifying window for […]

Blizzard Releases Details On “Hearthstone” Descent Of Dragons Update

Blizzard finally revealed the full details to their new Descent Of Dragons update coming into Hearthstone starting today. We have a few of the new details for you here, including the new Keyword you’ll have to play with. Plus sidequests, legendary dragons, and new characters being thrown into the mix. Not to mention updates to […]

Deathwing Joins "Heroes Of The Storm" Starting Today

Deathwing Joins “Heroes Of The Storm” Starting Today

Blizzard announced today that The World Breaker has officially come to Heroes Of The Storm as Deathwing joins the list of heroes. Basically, they added a character that is unstoppable and can wreak havoc for a short period of time. However, he gets no buffs or healing from anyone as a trade-off for that kind […]

The Overwatch League Fined Fissure $3K For Information Leak

The Overwatch League Fined Fissure $3K For Information Leak

Some interesting news came out this week about a fine the Overwatch League issued on a player for a leak they made while not in the league. Former retired player Baek “Fissure” Chan-hyung announced he was returning to the League and would be joining the Vancouver Titans. Fissure had previously played for the Seoul Dynasty, […]

Photo Gallery: BlizzCon 2019

Photo Gallery: BlizzCon 2019 At The Anaheim Convention Center

A little late to the dance, but we finally got a moment to sit down and look over all the pictures from BlizzCon 2019. Whenever I had the chance during the convention between appointments and demos, I pilled out the good camera and snapped a few shots of the action, the displays, the cosplay, and […]