Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?

Emma Frost has been an important character in the X-Men Universe for decades, but other than the X-Men: Black one-shot from last year, it’s been a while since she’s been the center of her own series. Frost was the topic of today’s X-Men Monday column at Adventures in Poor Taste, and while she did apparently mindwipe Chris Hassan into forgetting to ask our Chris Claremont question once again in the weekly Q&A with X-Editor Jordan White, White did spend some time hinting that a new series starring Emma could be on the horizon.

Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?

White first hinted at the subject when speaking about the nuances of Emma’s character:

AiPT!: Jumpyshark (@Jumpyshark) said that Emma is a psychic, a teacher, she weaponizes her femininity, she can be both cruel and loving, and she is businesswoman who isn’t afraid to throw down in a fight. Do you think her multifaceted character is difficult to convey in limited panel time?

Jordan: Oh yeah, for sure. That’s why, even though I have said in the past (much to Emma fans’ chagrin) that I don’t prefer her as an X-Man… when asked for my favorite Emma stories, I name stories where she is an X-Man. Because she is complicated, and she needs room to breathe to really show off how interesting she is. And I still think I prefer her not on the X-Men team, I think she is better suited to doing things her own way, which is not the way I think the X-Men are meant to go about them. The X-Men Black one-shot is a good example of that–she’s the main character, and she gets done what she needs to, but she doesn’t do it as a member of the X-Men. Indeed, she gets the X-Men to help her achieve her goals in a way they are not sure how to feel about. They were used… but to achieve something that is probably a good thing? Plus, they got gift baskets, which was a delightful touch on Leah’s part.

But yeah, as we move forward, how to strike that balance–giving Emma, one of the best characters in X-Men, the screen time she needs to show off how great she is without necessarily putting her on the traditional X-Men team–is something we have put a lot of thought into. And I am probably not talking about the story you think I am talking about.

And then he outright answered another question by saying:

AiPT!: tired (@PixelGengar) said Emma is one of the wealthiest mutants. Given her firm stance on Mutant rights, how does she use this wealth to further the cause?

Jordan: Great question. And there are plans to explore exactly that in a comic you don’t know about yet.

Will that be an Emma solo series? Emma leading an ensemble cast? Or something else? Whatever the case, it better be written by Leah Williams is all we’re saying.

If you read through the column at AiPT (and you should, every week), then you’ll see it’s also loaded with Emma Frost art from upcoming comics, some of it in black and white, and probably not all from the next storyline in Uncanny X-Men. So start your speculation engines and hit the comments section.

Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?

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