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New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select

New Marvel Heroes Statues are Coming Soon from Diamond Select

Marvel fans were woken up to a surprise today as Diamond Select Toys had dropped a nice variety of statue announcements. If you didn’t know Diamond Select Toys creates some of the best statues around that don’t break the bank. They are filled with detail and are of high quality and would expect a higher […]

X-Men #3 [Preview]

Jean and Emma to the Death… in Verbal Combat?! X-Men #3 [Preview]

X-Men #3 is hitting stores from Marvel Comics next week, by Jonathan Hickman and Leinil Yu, and in the preview below, it looks like things are finally coming to a head between Jean Grey and Emma Frost after Cyclops spurned Emma in order to be in a three-way relationship with Wolverine, who has two dicks, […]

Jordan White Teases Russell Dauterman X-Men Project

Jordan White Teases Russell Dauterman X-Men Project

Power mad Marvel Senior Editor Jordan White posted a Twitter thread listing X-Men comics in stores today, but what caught the attention of many in the replies was the image White used in his first tweet, featuring a small drawing of what appears to be Emma Frost as drawn by Russell Dauterman. Happy #NewComicBookDay, everyone! […]

Scott and Emma, Together Again - Uncanny X-Men #21 Preview

Scott and Emma, Together Again – Uncanny X-Men #21 Preview

This Wednesday, the moment Scott and Emma shippers have been waiting for finally arrives. Cyclops is reunited with Emma Frost at last! Of course, this may be somewhat of a bittersweet reunion, given everything that’s transpired since Scott’s death and resurrection. First of all, there was the whole using Scott’s legacy to engineer a war […]

Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?

Is Marvel Planning to Launch an Emma Frost Comic?

Emma Frost has been an important character in the X-Men Universe for decades, but other than the X-Men: Black one-shot from last year, it’s been a while since she’s been the center of her own series. Frost was the topic of today’s X-Men Monday column at Adventures in Poor Taste, and while she did apparently […]

How Dare You, Ed Brisson? [X-ual Healing 10-31-18]

The penultimate issue of Extermination came out this week, which means bloodthirsty writer Ed Brisson is running out of time to devastate X-Men fans by killing off their favorite characters. We’ve already seen Brisson implicated in a plot to kill off Honey Badger with the other Uncanny X-Men writers. He succeeded in killing off Bloodstorm and […]

Marvel Wants You… to Make Emma Frost Memes for #XMenMonday

It’s time to celebrate the holy holiday of X-Men Monday once again, which means that, as prophecized, Marvel X-Editor Jordan White took to Twitter to share snippets from upcoming X-Books, including the Merry X-Man Holiday Special, Shatterstar #3,  and Uncanny X-Men #3 and #4, all of which are going to press this week. VERY busy […]

Now the X-Men Come to Walmart in X-Men Black: Emma Frost Preview

DC Comics may be making retailers angry with their Walmart-exclusive 100-page giant comics featuring Superman and Batman, but Marvel Comics is taking the Walmart wars to the next level. In next week’s X-Men Black: Emma Frost, when the White Queen requests a meeting with the X-Men to discuss taking down the Hellfire Club, Rogue asks […]

Infinity Wars #3 cover by Mike Deodato Jr. and Rain Beredo

Infinity Wars #3 Review: What if Captain America but Also Doctor Strange?

Loki and Flowa arrive in the aftermath of the bloodbath perpetrated by Gamora on Earth. The Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy have been dispatched with ease by Gamora armed with the Infinity Stones. She is ready to slay Loki, but, in true Trickster God fashion, Loki Laufeyson talks his way out of death. […]

X-Men Blue #32 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #32 Review: Blue vs. Magneto for the Fate of Emma Frost

Magneto wants the White Queen dead, and he is willing to tear through however many people it takes to make that happen. The X-Men refuse to let Emma fall, so they are now dueling their recent ally in the streets. Worse yet, Magneto is on Mutant Growth Hormone and even more powerful than usual. Can […]

X-Men Blue #31 cover by R.B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men Blue #31 Review: The Rage and Anguish of Magneto

We are witness to what young Jean Grey saw when she peered into Magneto’s head before her team joined up with Eric Lensherr. In the present, Magneto is on a warpath. He is tearing through every chapter of the Hellfire Club until he finds the White Queen, Emma Frost. Jean Grey and the X-Men know […]

Sideshow Collectibles Emma Frost PFF 5

Emma Frost Premium Format Figure Available Now from Sideshow Collectibles

Emma Frost is the latest Sideshow Collectibles Premium Format Figure. Emma will have two versions available, a regular edition for $560, and an exclusive version with an alternative face portrait with an evil smile, blue make-up, and shorter hair. The figure itself is a striking sculpt of Emma, featuring internal wiring to make it poseable. […]

Marvel Two-in-One #6 cover by Jim Cheung and Frank Martin

Marvel Two-in-One #6 Review: A Smart Fantastic Four Epic

Our Thing, Human Torch, and Victor von Doom with the Sue Storm and Reed Richards of this other Earth have put together their last and best defense against the approaching Doom/Galactus hybrid of this world. He has consumed the rest of the universe, and this Earth is the last item on the menu. Can what’s […]

X-Men: Blue #28 cover by R. B. Silva and Rain Beredo

X-Men: Blue #28 Review – How Far Magneto Has Come

Polaris’ X-Men are at the mercy of Miss Sinister, the White Queen, and Havoc. These villains are on the cusp of unleashing Mothervine, the mutagen in Jimmy Howlett’s blood that can turn people the world over into mutants. The weapon has already landed in some regions, and Magneto is doing what he can to contain […]

X-Men Blue #24 cover by Jorge Molina

X-Men Blue #24 Review: This One’s Actually Really Good

Sebastian Shaw attacks Magneto after he rejects the offer to join Mothervine. Meanwhile, the new Marauders attack Xorn after he too rejects their offer. Thankfully, Xorn receives help in the form of Jimmy Hudson and Bloodstorm. Unfortunately, Malice infiltrates the Madripoor mansion through the body of Polaris. Finally, Briar Raleigh seeks out new X-Men with […]