Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable’s Continuity in Next Week’s X-Force #6

X-Men continuity can be a complicated thing to understand on its own, with all the deaths, resurrections, time travel, alternate futures, alternate dimensions, and whatnot. But things get even more complicated when you add Cable into the mix. That’s why it’s no surprise that in next week’s X-Force #6, we find Stryfe, a clone of Cable (or is Cable the clone), trying desperately to figure it all out.

When we last left the Mutant Liberation Army, a time tornado was threatening to destroy the future, the result of an adult future version of this timeline’s Cable in the past failing to prevent his time-displaced teenage father and friends from remaining in the then-present. But as we saw in the events of Extermination, the younger Cable went back in time and killed his older self, undoing the damage. In the future, things have started to settle down…

Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable's Continuity in Next Week's X-Force #6

This leads Stryfe and his soldiers to infiltrate a safehouse of the adult Cable’s from the past, learning there’s more to this kid than meets the eye…

Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable's Continuity in Next Week's X-Force #6

It seems that there are a lot of revelations in story for Stryfe here…

Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable's Continuity in Next Week's X-Force #6

And conveniently, a time core that will allow the MLA to open a portal to the past, begin trading arms with the Transian military, and eventually invade in attempt to capture Kid Cable. What do they want with him, besides the fact that he’s a known terrorist? Probably to get him to explain what the hell is going on!

X-Force #6 hits stores next Wednesday. Or some Wednesday in the past if you’re reading this in the future.

X-Force #6
(W) Ed Brisson (A) Damian Couceiro (CA) Pepe Larraz
Kid Cable wasn’t the only one who’d come back from the future…!
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Apr 10, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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