Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable's Continuity in Next Week's X-Force #6

Stryfe Tries to Make Sense of Cable’s Continuity in Next Week’s X-Force #6

X-Men continuity can be a complicated thing to understand on its own, with all the deaths, resurrections, time travel, alternate futures, alternate dimensions, and whatnot. But things get even more complicated when you add Cable into the mix. That’s why it’s no surprise that in next week’s X-Force #6, we find Stryfe, a clone of […]

Stryfe Returns From Marvel’s Past Future in X-Force #6

What’s old is new again. The 90s are hot right now, with the Age of X-Man event harkening back to the 90s’ Age of Apocalypse, Cable starring in a new X-Force book, and Rob Liefeld introducing a new character he created back in his X-Force glory days in Major X. So it should be no […]