How Does Killmongering Look on Your Resume? Next Week’s Killmonger #1

When seeking employment, it’s important to highlight all your most important skills to prospective employers, as well as your goals. And if those goals include seeking revenge on the king of Wakanda for exiling you after your father’s death, well, you might want to leave that out of the cover letter.

But for Erik Killmonger, it doesn’t matter, as this flashback to his time at MIT in next week’s Killmonger #1 shows. Killmonger, it seems, is the hottest candidate on the radar of all the job-creators!

Unfortunately, as we know, Killmonger had other plans in mind.

We’ll learn more about the Black Panther villain’s backstory in Killmonger #1, which hits stores next Wednesday.

Killmonger #1 (of 5)
(W) Bryan Edward Hill (A/CA) Juan Ferreyra
One day, Erik Killmonger will rise up and attempt to steal the throne of Wakanda. The throne he believes he is owed. But long before he became “Killmonger,” there was a boy known as N’Jadaka. A boy who was stolen from his home and taught only the world’s cruelties. A boy who knew the Black Panther only as a fairy tale, a whisper from strangers. This is the story of a man who driven by revenge. This is the legend of Killmonger.
In Shops: Dec 05, 2018
SRP: $4.99

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