Saying Goodbye to the Future Foundation in Next Week’s Fantastic Four #4

The Fantastic Four have finally been reunited and returned after a long absence created by Marvel’s spiteful response to Fox owning their movie rights storyline reasons. But having defeated The Griever and ready to return at last to the mainstream Marvel Universe, the Fantastic Four must also say goodbye to the Future Foundation, a group of students led by their teacher, Dragon Man. You see, the Molecule Man was atomized by The Griever a few issues back, but there could be a chance he’s still alive. So while the rest of the heroes return home, Dragon Man and his charges have decided to remain behind to search for a single molecule of Molecule Man in the hopes that he can be brought back.

Admittedly, Molecule Man’s chances are good, as no one ever seems to stay dead for long in the Marvel Universe.

Fantastic Four #4 hits stores next Wednesday.

Fantastic Four #4
(W) Dan Slott (A) Stefano Caselli (CA) Esad Ribic
Meet the Marvel Universe’s New Fabulous Foursome: THE FANTASTIX!
• Wait. What?! Who are these imposters? Why are they in the Baxter Building?!
• And how is it that they own the lease?!
• A strange new turn in the Fantastic Four’s legacy!
• A secret side mission for the Thing!
• All this and a special appearance by one of the FF’s oldest foes!
Rated T
In Shops: Nov 28, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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