Full Frontal Solus in Next Week’s Spider-Geddon #4

Things are looking pretty grim in the penultimate issue of Spider-Geddon, the big Spider-Verse super-mega-crossover event that is sure to have lasting repercussions for the Marvel Universe. In next week’s Spider-Geddon #4, Spider-Woman has managed to return home with the Solus Crystal, only to fall directly into the hands of the Inheritors, who use it to revive their leader, Solus himself (should have seen that coming from the name).

As Solus emerges from his tank, we get a Batman Damned moment… or at least we would, if not for some conveniently-placed mist.

Yeah, that’s more of Solus than anyone wanted to see, though still less than Jessica Drew on a Milo Manara cover.

Spider-Geddon #4 hits stores next Wednesday.

Spider-Geddon #4
(W) Christos Gage (A/CA) Jorge Molina
• As long as SOLUS, the father of the Inheritors, has not returned, the Spiders still stand a chance.
• If he is revived, it means Kaine and Spider-Woman’s Spider-Force has fallen…
• And the Spider-Eaters have one leader, one cause – total annihilation!
Rated T
In Shops: Nov 21, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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