Mockingbird Taps Out to a Teenager in Next Week’s Unstoppable Wasp #2

In the high-stakes world of WWE, it’s traditional that your top babyfaces never tap out. And since Marvel is the company WWE aspires to be, we have to assume the rules are the same, and therefore mockingbird is either a heel or a midcarder, because she gets totally owned by teenage scientist Ying in this preview of next week’s Unstoppable Wasp #2.

While sparring for training, Ying locks in a rolling armbar on Bobbi Morse and without even making an attempt to crawl for the ropes, Bobbi taps right out!

Of course, she later claims she’s at a disadvantage since she refrains from punching her trainees in the head. Making excuses?! So yeah, we’re gonna go with heel then!

Unstoppable Wasp #2 hits stores next Wednesday.

Unstoppable Wasp #2
(W) Jeremy Whitley (A) Gurihiru (CA) Stacy Lee
• Nadia and Janet made a commitment to each other – once a week, no matter what their schedules are like, they have a girls’ night out!
• But when a founding Avenger and a current Champion hit the town, no matter how cute their outfits are, trouble follows!
• Meanwhile, tensions are high as the rest of G.I.R.L. prepares for their big science expo debut!
Rated T+
In Shops: Nov 14, 2018
SRP: $3.99

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