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Night Trap is Coming to Nintendo Switch Later This Month

Posted by August 15, 2018 Comment

Developer Screaming Visions has announced a hard release date for Night Trap on the Nintendo Switch, and it is coming in later this month.

Night Trap

Night Trap isn’t a good game. It’s a mess of an idea with a mess of an execution that has something to do with vampires and ninjas and teens, but you’ll never get to learn about any of that since the game tasks you with constantly switching room to room while scenes are going on. That said, it remains a cultural talking point in the annals of video games, due to its legendary condemnation by US Congress for extreme violence and sexuality. The game is actually incredibly tame, but for collectors of early ’90s shlock, it’s kept a cult following.

As previously announced by developer Screaming Visions, the game is breaking Nintendo’s promise in 1993 by then Senior VP at Nintendo of America, Howard Lincoln, that Night Trap would never come to one of their systems with a new Switch port. We now have an official release date on it too, and it’s soon. The port will be coming on August 24th, 2018. This will be based on the PC and PlayStation 4 Night Trap: 25th-anniversary edition port that came last year, which comes with up-rezzed videos as well as some behind the scenes documentaries and featurettes.

As I said, Night Trap isn’t great, but it does endure as a cultural icon of the time due to its (pretty undeserved) infamy. Imagine telling yourself in 1992 that a mere 26 years later, you could buy a portable version of the game on a Nintendo System. That’s pretty wild.

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