Nintendo Co. is a Japanese consumer electronics and video game company founded in 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi. The company is based in Kyoto, Japan. The company originally produced handmade hanafuda playing cards. By 1963, the company was involved in several niche businesses such as cab services and love hotels. Nintendo moved into producing toys in the 1960s and became a video game company in the 1970s.

Nintendo is both a video game publisher and developer, however the company is also known for producing game consoles like the Famicom, N64, Wii, and, most recently, the Switch. The company is known for it’s best-selling game franchises like MarioThe Legend of Zelda, and Pokémon.

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“Tetris 99” Gets A New Update In Time For 10th Maximus Cup

The devs behind Tetris 99 released a new update into the game this week, just before the next Maximus Cup kicks off on Thursday. The game has now added the new Team Battle Mode, giving you and friends a chance to team up against the rest to claim the top spot. Plus they’ve added a […]

Nintendo Reveals 16 New Indie Games

Nintendo Reveals 16 New Indie Games For Nintendo Switch In 2020

This morning’s Indie World video from Nintendo showed off sixteen new indie games coming in 2020, and there are some heavy hitters in here. Among the biggest reveals were Axiom Verge 2, Sports Story, Gleamlight, The Survivalists, Murder By Numbers, and SuperMash. Here’s the full list from Nintendo as well as their reveal video for […]

Nintendo Launches The “Ring Fit Adventure” Play Experience

Nintendo will be bringing fitness to a few select cities shortly as they have launched the Ring Fit Adventure Play Experience. Starting on December 13th, the company will be visiting some specific locations for people to try out the Switch fitness game. Giving people an opportunity to see how it works for themselves and a […]

Nintendo Announces Indie World Showcase For August 19th

Nintendo Will Be Showing Another “Indie World” Stream

Nintendo announced today that they will be showing another Indie World livestream this week for indie games coming to the Switch. The stream will take place tomorrow, December 10th, starting at 10am PDT. You’re going to be getting 20 minutes of indie titles being shown off, both old and familiar, coming to the Switch over […]

Nintendo Announces SNES Games Coming To Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo Announces More NES & SNES Titles For Nintendo Switch Online

Nintendo announced this evening that Nintendo Switch Online will be getting a new set of games for the NES and SNES libraries. You’re getting six games in total across both systems. Those games will be Crystalis, Journey To Silius, Star Fox 2, Super Punch-Out!!, Kirby Super Star, and Breath of Fire II. Those are some […]

Nintendo Switch Receives Its Best Week Of Sales In The U.S.

This morning, Nintendo announced that the Nintendo Switch saw the best week of sales within the United States since launching in early 2017. Both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems sold a combined total of more than 830k units, according to their internal data. The sales are reportedly due to many Black Friday deals on […]

Nintendo Offers A Free 128GB MicroSD Card For New Switch Purchases

Nintendo Offers A Free 128GB MicroSD Card For New Switch Purchases

An interesting little offer from Nintendo happening only today, as people who buy a Nintendo Switch on Cyber Monday will get a free gift. The company is offering to give people who purchase the standard Switch console a free 128GB microSD card from SanDisk. This one being red and having some game branding on the […]

Link From "The Legend Of Zelda" Joins "Super Mario Maker 2"

Link From “The Legend Of Zelda” Joins “Super Mario Maker 2”

One of the most-requested updates from fans has finally come to Super Mario Maker 2, as fans can now play as Link from The Legend Of Zelda. As weird as that may sound, people had a fun making Zelda-themed levels from the first game on the Wii U, and now that fun is back. On […]

There's Snow Right Now In "Pokémon Sword & Shield" For An Event

There’s Snow Right Now In “Pokémon Sword & Shield” For An Event

There’s an event happening in both Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield today, as snow has touched down in several Galar areas. Snow usually appears in certain areas of the game, depending on where you end up going. Today, snow started coming down in areas you might not expect. Which is practically everywhere at once. As […]

Nintendo Files New Patents For A New Poké Ball Plus

Nintendo Files New Patents For A New Poké Ball Plus

It looks like we’ll be seeing a new version of the physical Poké Ball Plus in the future as Nintendo has filed some new patents for a fresh model. For a couple of years now players have been able to use their versions to interact with different games and use them in a few different […]

Shigeru Miyamoto Wants Nintendo To Be As Big As Disney

If you’re going to run a global entertainment company like Nintendo, of course, you would want to be as big or bigger than one like Disney. A goal that Nintendo’s president, Shigeru Miyamoto, would like to see the company achieve one day. However, he has one specific roadblock in the way. In a recent interview […]

"Super Smash Bros. Ultimate"

“Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Has Pokémon Join The Spirit Board

Those of you who would like to see more Pokémon in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate are getting your wish this weekend. Nintendo made an announcement that starting back on Friday for five days, they will be having special Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield creatures appear on the Spirit Board for people to snag. Much like […]

"Pokémon Sword & Shield" Sales Surpass Six Million Units Worldwide

“Pokémon Sword & Shield” Sales Surpass Six Million Units Worldwide

Nintendo very enthusiastically announced today that Pokémon Sword & Shield have exceeded six million units sold worldwide after the weekend. The game has already been one of the fastest-selling titles in franchise history with some time on the clock for it to break some records. Like how it sold just over two million copies in […]

"The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" Sequel Rumored For 2020

“The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” Sequel Rumored For 2020

Everybody seems to be fixated on when the sequel to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild will be coming out, some hoping sooner than later. According to a new rumor, it sounds like the game will be coming out next year. Well… we kinda find that hard to believe. Several outlets have pointed […]

"Pokemon Sword and Shield" Get A Final Hype Trailer in Japan Before Release

“Pokemon Sword and Shield” Get A Final Hype Trailer in Japan Before Release

Pokemon Sword and Shield are on their way this week. They’re set to debut on Friday, to be exact. However, the fact that they’re coming up hasn’t stopped Japan from throwing out one last hype trailer before they debut. The trailer eschews any language or narration for gameplay that shows off exactly what to expect […]

"Mario Kart Tour" Goes to Paris For Its Latest Event

“Mario Kart Tour” Goes to Paris For Its Latest Event

Mario Kart Tour has officially embarked on its latest tour. This time, it’s headed all the way to Paris, France. The cute new locale for the mobile racing game features Peach in her Super Mario Odyssey vacation outfit. That includes a cute pink belted skirt, white blouse, and wide brim hat. Meanwhile Shy Guy is […]

Terry Bogard Makes His "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Debut

Terry Bogard Makes His “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Debut

The latest DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is here: Terry Bogard. The popular SNK character arrived today in the game with the addition of patch 6.0. Game director Masahiro Sakurai took to an official video breaking down the character’s new moves. All was revealed during a 45-minute livestream on Wednesday, which showed off […]

Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Long Are Coming to "Dr. Mario World"

Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong Are Coming to “Dr. Mario World”

Dr. Mario World is getting a pair of new doctors that you need to meet. Starting tomorrow, you can welcome Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong to the game. The official Dr. Mario World Twitter account made the announcement. First was Donkey Kong. “Blue: “It seems that new doctors will be making their appearance […]