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“The Witcher”: Henry Cavill Celebrates Season 2 News with New Geralt Image

Fans of the upcoming The Witcher adaptation from Netflix have been receiving a steady wave of looks at the series, from key art and images to a teaser that had them feeling (cautiously) optimistic for Henry Cavill‘s (Justice League) turn as Geralt. Then the trailer hit (more on that below), and suddenly fans found themselves […]

The Five Best Reasons to Restart A Game

The Five Best Reasons to Restart A Game

The reset button is a beautiful thing. You can get out of any dodgy situation with that sucker. Sometimes you just need to bust out a brand new game. And that’s okay! A fresh restart is certainly warranted when you feel like you just can’t go on. There’s nothing wrong with that. But what compels […]

NYCC '19: VIZ Media Presents Frederator Studios Castlevania Panel

“Castlevania” Team Talks Season 3, Favorite Scenes, Vampire Mythology & More

Saturday night of New York Comic Con (NYCC), VIZ Media held its panel for Netflix’s Castlevania. The first two seasons are currently available, with a third season of ten episodes on its way. The panel was moderated by Urian Brown of VIZ Media and featured Warren Ellis, creator and writer of the show; Sam Deats, […]

ProbablyMonsters Launches New Business Plan For Gaming Industry

ProbablyMonsters made an announcement this morning that the company would be changing its business plans to adapt to a changing video game market. Lead by Harold Ryan, who has worked on Halo, Age of Empires, and MechWarrior, the company released a new plan of how they’ll proceed in the future. Starting today, the company will […]

Marvel Will Show More Of Square Enix's "Marvel's Avengers" at SDCC

We Played “Marvel’s Avengers” Again & Learned More At NYCC 2019

Last month, we played the widely spread Marvel’s Avengers A-Day demo. From the experience, we learned about the story, how characters play, and a bit more you can read here. After they revealed Ms. Marvel would be added as the main protagonist, we got a second chance to play the upcoming superhero game this year at […]

"My Hero Academia One's Justice 2" Set To Launch In 2020

“My Hero Academia One’s Justice 2” Set To Launch In 2020

My Hero Academia One’s Justice 2 was announced on Monday. The game is set to launch on PS4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One at some point in 2020. So far, the roster includes series protagonist Midoirya Izuku and Kai Chisaki. According to a Shonen Jump scan, the final number of playable characters will far exceed […]

New Brain Age Coming To The Nintendo Switch

A New “Brain Age” Is Coming To The Nintendo Switch

Nintendo has announced the return of their mind fitness title Brain Age, bringing the series to the Nintendo Switch for the first time.  The new title is called officially called Train Your Brain: Nintendo Switch Training For Adults. It will launch in Japan on December 27th. There’s currently no word if the game will be […]

"Civilization VI" Is Adding A Battle Royale Mode No One Asked For

“Sid Meier’s Civilization VI” Marches Onto PS4 and Xbox One This Winter

After appearing on PC, Nintendo Switch and iPad, Civilization VI advances to the only territories it has left to conquer: PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It was announced today that the acclaimed simulation game, Civilization VI would be launching on PS4 and Xbox One this November. Although the port is showing up late, as Civilization […]

"MediEvil" Remake Demo Launches On PS4

“MediEvil” Remake Demo Launches On PS4 Today

During Sony’s State of Play event on Tuesday, the company announced a demo for the MediEvil remake that’s available on the Playstation Store starting today! The demo, which is dubbed MediEvil- Short-Lived, launches today and will expire on October 7. It features a brief level from the game’s opening act, allowing undecided players to test […]

Limited Edition Death Stranding PS4 Pro Announced

Limited Edition “Death Stranding” PS4 Pro Announced

Sony has announced a limited Death Stranding PS4 Pro console. The special system will be available the same day as the upcoming game and will include quite a few nifty features. The Death Stranding special console bundle will cost $399.99. It will come packaged with a 1 TB PS4 Pro, a special Translucent Orange Dualshock 4, and a […]

MTG VC Fund Invests In Video Game ADHD Aid Program Mightier

MTG VC Fund Invests In Video Game ADHD Aid Program Mightier

MTG announced this morning that the company has invested in Mighter, a video games program designed for children dealing with ADHD. If you’re not familiar with Mighter, the system was developed and tested at Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. The system is a subscription-based box where you get a 30-day trial and then […]

Five New “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” Version 2.0 Characters Have Been Revealed

Five New “BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle” V2.0 Characters Revealed

A new character trailer has revealed five new DLC combatants for the popular crossover fighting game, BlazBlue Cross Tag Battle. According to the trailer, Celica and Susanoo will be the new representatives from the Blazblue franchise. Adachi and Elizabeth will be the latest Persona 4 Arena representatives. Finally, Under Night In-Birth will be getting one new […]

Indivisible game art

“Indivisible” Anime Opening By Studio Trigger Launches On YouTube

505 Games has released Indivisible‘s entire opening theme on YouTube ahead of the game’s October 8th launch. The opening was animated by Studio Trigger and Titmouse Inc. with the music provided by Indivisible‘s composer, Hiroki Kikuta. Studio Trigger’s Yoh Yoshinari, who created and directed the anime Little Witch Academia, directed Indivisible’s opening sequence. Yoshinari also assisted […]

We Explore The World Of "John Wick Hex" During E3 2019

“John Wick Hex” Shoots Onto The Scene This October

According to a new trailer, John Wick Hex will launch for Microsoft Windows and Mac on October 8. The game will exclusively be purchasable via the Epic Games Store for $19.99. John Wick Hex was announced in May, right as John Wick 3: Parabellum was hitting theaters. Following the reveal, John Wick Hex was first publically […]

Discord Reveals Nitro Subscription Addition With “Server Boosting”

Discord To Shut Down Nitro Game Service After Lack Of Use

Discord will be taking their Nitro Games catalog from the Nitro subscription service after nearly a year due to a lack of people using it. Last year the company launched Nitro, which is a program that gives you a set of games every month, along with a ton of features you can throw into your […]

Terry Bogard And More Announced For "Super Smash Bros Ultimate" In Nintendo Direct

Terry Bogard And More Announced For “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate”

Terry Bogard was revealed as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s fourth DLC fighter on Wednesday’s Nintendo Direct. He’s set to launch sometime in November 2019. While it wasn’t stated outright in the Direct, given the other DLC characters, it’s safe to assume the Terry DLC pack will cost $5.99 and include a new stage and additional […]

Apex Legends Enter the Arena of the Funko Pop Battle Royale  

Apex Legends Enter the Arena of the Funko Pop Battle Royale  

Apex Legends is starting to finally make their round in the collectible circuit. First, we got some new and upcoming statues releasing later this year. I am glad to see this series releasing some good collectibles. After the wave of Fortnite, I think we need to see another game series to take over. Funko has announced […]