“Splatoon” Paints Its Way to Victory with New Figma Set

“Splatoon” Paints Its Way to Victory with New Figma Set

Splatoon has made its way to your televisions with the fan-favorite Nintendo game. But now you can bring those beloved Splatoon characters home through Good Smile Company. They have recently announced a Figma Splatoon boys Deluxe Edition figure two-pack set. This deluxe figure set is packed with not only figure details but with a wide variety of accessories. Inkling Boy […]

"The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild" Sequel Rumored For 2020

“The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild” Sequel Rumored For 2020

Everybody seems to be fixated on when the sequel to The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild will be coming out, some hoping sooner than later. According to a new rumor, it sounds like the game will be coming out next year. Well… we kinda find that hard to believe. Several outlets have pointed […]

"Pokemon Sword and Shield" Get A Final Hype Trailer in Japan Before Release

“Pokemon Sword and Shield” Get A Final Hype Trailer in Japan Before Release

Pokemon Sword and Shield are on their way this week. They’re set to debut on Friday, to be exact. However, the fact that they’re coming up hasn’t stopped Japan from throwing out one last hype trailer before they debut. The trailer eschews any language or narration for gameplay that shows off exactly what to expect […]

"Mario Kart Tour" Goes to Paris For Its Latest Event

“Mario Kart Tour” Goes to Paris For Its Latest Event

Mario Kart Tour has officially embarked on its latest tour. This time, it’s headed all the way to Paris, France. The cute new locale for the mobile racing game features Peach in her Super Mario Odyssey vacation outfit. That includes a cute pink belted skirt, white blouse, and wide brim hat. Meanwhile Shy Guy is […]

Terry Bogard Makes His "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Debut

Terry Bogard Makes His “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Debut

The latest DLC fighter for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is here: Terry Bogard. The popular SNK character arrived today in the game with the addition of patch 6.0. Game director Masahiro Sakurai took to an official video breaking down the character’s new moves. All was revealed during a 45-minute livestream on Wednesday, which showed off […]

Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Long Are Coming to "Dr. Mario World"

Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong Are Coming to “Dr. Mario World”

Dr. Mario World is getting a pair of new doctors that you need to meet. Starting tomorrow, you can welcome Dr. Donkey Kong and Dr. Diddy Kong to the game. The official Dr. Mario World Twitter account made the announcement. First was Donkey Kong. “Blue: “It seems that new doctors will be making their appearance […]

Someone Made A GameCube Version Joy-Con For The Nintendo Switch

Someone Made A GameCube Version Joy-Con For The Nintendo Switch

Have you ever been playing a Nintendo Switch and thought to yourself “Gee, I wish I had an out-of-date controller for these joy-cons”? Someone made that. SADES has designed this GameCube style set of joy-cons, complete with the same kind of thumbstick in the upper-left while mimicking the style of the button scheme on the […]

"Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore" Will Be Censored Globally

“Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore” Will Be Censored Globally

A little strange but predictable news coming from Nintendo as we now know Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore will be censored everywhere. The company issued an apology on the issue via their Japanese website, which we have translated for you below. The game had already gone through a censorship controversy back when it was released […]

"Pokemon Sword and Shield" Steelbook Case is a US Target Exclusive

“Pokemon Sword and Shield” Steelbook Case is a US Target Exclusive

If you’re looking forward to picking up Pokemon Sword and Shield, you might want to pick up the steelbook version. Unfortunately, it can only be purchased at Targets throughout the United States. The Pokemon Sword and Shield Double Pack Steelbook Edition comes with the same things the Double Pack Has. That means you get both […]

Giveaway: Nintendo Switch Lite Courtesy Of eBay

Nintendo Boasts $15 Million Switch Sales In North America

Nintendo announced today that its current console, the Nintendo Switch, has surpassed $15 million in sales in North America to date. They noted that sales were up 20% in September, which they attribute to the release of the Lite versions of the console. Not to mention the Switch has been the best-selling console for the […]

"Overwatch" Has A Retail Version, But It Won't Come With A Cartridge

“Overwatch” Switch Has A Retail Version, But It Won’t Come With A Cartridge

Overwatch is coming to Nintendo Switch this week, and you can finally play the hero-based shooter via handheld. You can pick up the game with both physical and digital editions available, but if you’re planning on going physical, you can forget about one important thing: the card. The physical edition is corporeal, alright. It comes […]

"Animal Crossing's" K.K. Slider Appears During "Splatoon 2" Concert

“Animal Crossing’s” K.K. Slider Appears During “Splatoon 2” Concert

The first day of the Kyoto’s Nintendo Live event happened today, and plenty of festivities with it. Despite the typhoon that’s been roaring through Japan, the Splatoon 2 concert that had been scheduled still took place. During the concert opening, fans were treated to a fun cameo from a familiar face. K.K. Slider from Animal […]

First 4 Figures' "Luigi's Mansion 3" Figure Is Appropriately Spooky

First 4 Figures’ “Luigi’s Mansion 3” Figure Is Appropriately Spooky

First 4 Figures is hard at work on a new Luigi’s Mansion 3 figure that you’ll want to Hoover up ASAP. You should, because it’s up for pre-order now. The 9″-inch figure features Luigi himself, clutching his Poltergust G-00 while an LED-lit Polterpup hangs out beside him in the more expensive options. You can opt […]

Game Freak Respond To Missing Pokémon in "Pokémon Sword" and "Pokémon Shield"

New “Pokémon Sword & Shield” Footage Shows The First Town

Fans have been ecstatic over some newly released footage for Pokémon Sword & Shield showing off the first town you come across in the game. A few people have pointed out this new video, which you can check out below, is similar to the one people saw at Gamescom this year. But it has a few changes […]

"Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training" Gets A European Release Date

“Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training” Gets A European Release Date

This morning, Nintendo gave a proper release date for Dr. Kawashima’s Brain Training on the Nintendo Switch… for Europe. Originally, the only info we know about the game was that it would be coming out in Japan on December 27th, but nothing else was announced after that. Now we know the European version will be […]

“Mario Kart Tour” Receives A New Tokyo Track

Nintendo has added a brand new track to Mario Kart Tour this week, giving players a chance to zoom through the streets of Tokyo. They’ve done their best to make the tracks look like the city with every highlight they can, even sticking Mount Fuji in the background. You can check out more in the […]

"Mario Kart Tour"

“Mario Kart Tour” Tokyo Tour Races To Mobile Devices This Week

Mario Kart Tour is headed to Tokyo as the game’s second set of courses arrive in the game. The update is coming to the game starting at 3 AM ET on October 9. The official Mario Kart Tour Twitter account posted some quick concept art from the upcoming tracks. You’ll race through scenic vistas and […]