"Fire Emblem: Three Houses" is Adding a Secret Fourth House

“Fire Emblem: Three Houses” is Adding a Secret Fourth House

Just when you thought there were only three houses in Fire Emblem: Three Houses, Nintendo returns to surprise us with something totally different. In addition to announcing Byleth as the latest Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character during a Smash-focused direct, Nintendo confirmed new DLC would be coming to Fire Emblem: Three Houses. The DLC will […]

The Next "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" DLC Charcter Is

The Next “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” DLC Charcter Is Byleth

In a decision we’re sure will divide the fanbase and annoy Waluigi fans, Byleth from Fire Emblem: Three Houses comes to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. The character will officially be added to the game on January 28th, so less than two weeks away. The character incorporates costumes, moves, and even a little bit of lore […]

Is Today the Final Day of Waluigi Memes?

Is Today the Final Day For Waluigi Smash Memes?

Well, folks, today is the last day that we will have any sort of doubts as to whether or not Waluigi is in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. We at Bleeding Cool reported yesterday that a new Smash Ultimate-centric livestream is happening tomorrow, within which it’s a very safe bet that Nintendo will be […]

A New "Super Smash Bros. Ultimate" Livestream Is Coming

A New “Super Smash Bros. Ultimate” Livestream Is Coming

It looks like Nintendo is going to continue teasing us with game-specific livestreams as Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is getting one this week. After the Pokémon Direct that took place last week, we were basically expecting Nintendo to reveal a date and time for the next primary Nintendo Direct feed. Instead, they announced there would […]

"God of War" Art Director Completes Series of "Star Fox" Paintings

“God of War” Art Director Completes Series of “Star Fox” Paintings

Ever wanted to see what the God of War art director could do with Star Fox characters? Now’s your chance, because Raf Grassetti has put together a series of character portraits based on the main Star Fox cast. It may seem like an odd match, but Grassetti has done an excellent job on these classic […]

Super Nintendo World Set to Open This Summer in Universal Studios Japan

Super Nintendo World Set to Open This Summer in Universal Studios Japan

It’s time to go to Japan. You’ve waited all your life to do it, and now you just need to make it happen. Why? Oh, no big reason. Just the grand opening of Super Nintendo World, a little thing like that. Uh, yeah. You read that right. It’s coming this summer to Osaka! Thanks to […]

Nintendo Files Trademark Papers For A New "Mario & Luigi" Title

Nintendo Files Trademark Papers For A New “Mario & Luigi” Title

It looks like Nintendo may be gearing up to do a new Mario & Luigi title after trademark application paperwork surfaced this past week. Let’s Go Digital caught an application filed in of all places, Argentina, for the series. When translated, the application specifies the trademark is for  “computer game cartridges; game memory cards; computer […]

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Someone Made Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons Out Of A GameCube Controller

The never-ending journey for Smash Bros. players to get an authentic GameCube controller on a Nintendo Switch continues this week. While companies have made versions of the GameCube controller to use on the Switch, and even designed joy-con controllers that look like a GameCube version, the reality is they’re not authentic GameCube controllers. At least, […]

"Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition" Might Be Coming In May 2020

“Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition” Might Be Coming In May 2020

It looks like we got another retail store leak revealing another date for a video game, this time around its Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition. The game was introduced by Nintendo last year as a game on the way in 2020, but we haven’t seen a lot of information about it since. And even though there […]

Tencent Switch Cartridges Won't Function in Global Switch Systems

Tencent Switch Cartridges Won’t Function in Global Switch Systems

If for some reason you were hoping to nab some Switch games and import them to play on your Western system (or whatever version you have) from China, you’re going to be out of luck. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, physical game cards for the Tencent Nintendo Switch in China won’t work with global consoles. […]

New "Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore" Trailer Shows Off Combat

New “Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore” Trailer Shows Off Combat

The upcoming Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE Encore is about to touch down on Nintendo Switch, and it’s going to be an exciting port release. Nintendo just debuted a new trailer that runs down the stylish combat, which brings together a mixture of Fire Emblem and Atlus’s best games, like Persona and Shin Megami Tensei. Here’s […]

Nintendo Comments On "Smash Bros." Esports' Low Prize Money

Nintendo Comments On “Smash Bros.” Esports’ Low Prize Money

One of the biggest issues in the Smash Bros. community is that a lot of the esports tournaments out there tend to not pay out that well. If at all. A lot of the tournaments that are played in the minor circuits, all the way up to major tournaments where you see the biggest competitors. […]

Did Mike Tyson Just Leak a New Nintendo Punch-Out Game?

Watch Two Players Beat “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” Blindfolded Together

One of the more infamous speedrunning video games is Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out, which helped popularize the genre with some insane challenges. Over the years there have been so many speed strats found for the game with people setting new records in different categories. One of the most popular of the group being the blindfolded runs […]

"Speaking Simulator" May Be One of the Switch's Funniest Games Yet

“Speaking Simulator” May Be One of the Switch’s Funniest Games Yet

Speaking Simulator looks like one of the most hilarious games I’ve ever seen. And I absolutely can’t wait to give it a try. From the moment I laid eyes on the trailer with its goofy character and his wiggly eyebrows, Octodad-like appendages, and his struggle to speak coherently, I knew I’d have to give it […]

"Pokémon Sword & Shield" Sales Surpass Six Million Units Worldwide

The Next Nintendo Direct Will Be A Pokémon Direct

Good news, Pokémon fans! The next Nintendo Direct livestream will take place this week, and it will specifically be a Pokémon Direct. The word came down this morning on their social media and official website, letting fans know the feed will happen this Thursday, January 9th. The feed will kick off at 6:30am PT, which […]

The Alienware Concept UFO Is A PC Version Of Nintendo Switch

The Alienware Concept UFO Is A PC Version Of Nintendo Switch

We’re just a tad interested to see what Nintendo thinks of Alienware’s latest gaming device revealed at CES 2020 as they debuted the Concept UFO. The company showed off the device and released more information about it this week as the device is currently in the concept phase. During the presentation at CES, they showed […]

"Super Mario Maker 2" Now Has Over 10 Million User-Uploaded Courses

“Super Mario Maker 2” Now Has Over 10 Million User-Uploaded Courses

Super Mario Maker 2 users, it’s time to celebrate! Collectively, players have uploaded a whopping 10 million playable courses since the game debuted on Nintendo Switch in 2019. The official Nintendo of America Twitter account shared the news with a tweet earlier this evening. “Thanks to the creativity of Makers around the world, there are […]

Rumor: A New Nintendo Switch Model Is Coming In 2020

If you believe the latest rumors about the Nintendo Switch, it sounds like we’ll be seeing a new version of the console sometime in 2020. According to the Taiwanese tech website called DigiTimes, Nintendo is reportedly going to be ramping up production of the Nintendo Switch sometime in Q1 of 2020. The goal is that […]

Nintendo’s President Says Dedicated Hardware Isn’t Going Away Yet

A recent interview with Nintendo president Shuntaro Furukawa reveals his thoughts on cloud gaming and dedicated hardware in the future. Nintendo Everything translated an interview Furukawa had with Nikkei recently, where the topic of cloud gaming was brought up. And while he believes it could become bigger in about a decade, he doesn’t believe console […]