DayZ "Should" Hit Xbox Game Preview Later This Summer

DayZ “Should” Hit Xbox Game Preview Later This Summer

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Bohemia Interactive has taken to their blog to talk about the Xbox One version of DayZ, saying that the game should still make its debut on console later this summer.


Once upon a time, DayZ was one of the biggest games around. Despite being in early access, the title, which started life as an Arma mod, it was the survival game right when that genre was at its zenith. Since then, the game still hasn’t quite reached full release and the survival genre has seemingly stopped being so all encompassing, but it  still has a decent community. That community could well be about to grow too as the game is close to landing on its first console, Xbox One.

Word on the version has been a little quiet, but Bohemia Interactive has (somewhat) reaffirmed that the version is close. In a blog post, the developer said that the port “should” land on Xbox Game Preview later on this summer. The game currently has a very small number of players testing out the version and it seems it is coming along nicely. In the post, the developer did leave some wiggle room though, saying that it will depend how things go in the next few weeks. In the post, it said:

As we’ve been saying at press events over the past months, we’d like to bring DayZ to Xbox Game Preview at the end of this summer, and currently, it looks like we should be able to deliver. For the final confirmation though, we still need things to settle down a bit more, so your best bet is to wait for Gamescom (starting August 21, more on that below!) – by then, things should be more clear, and it’s also a good opportunity for any release date announcements, so please cross your fingers that everything works out just fine!

Here’s hoping it does, and that also, the full game lands later this year as it is currently aiming for. It really will be fascinating to see what, DayZ can do and how it will plan to bring any lapsed players back.

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