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PowerA Introduces New Line Of FUSION Pro Wired Controllers

PowerA introduced two new game controllers to their lineup this week with the FUSION Pro Wired Controller and the FUSION Wired FightPad. The first one is specifically designed for the Xbox One in both black and white for $70, while the second is made for all three major consoles for $60. As you can see […]

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“LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga” Getting Animated Series [REPORT]

If you’re looking for something that’s even more powerful than “The Force,” then look no further than the synergistic Star Wars merchandising arm of The Walt Disney Company and LEGO – and according to a report from the fine folks over at Bantha Tracks, it appears they’re ready to show just how strong “The Force” […]

“Black Desert” On Xbox One Receives A Free Shai Update

Pearl Abyss released a brand new update today for Black Desert on the Xbox One, as the Shai will soon make its way into the character selection process. The Shai, in a kind of weird way, is what would happen if a bard and a paladin had a kid who lost its memory. You can […]

Mixer Announces New Creator Program With Xbox Game Pass

Mixer Announces New Creator Program With Xbox Game Pass

Mixer has announced plans today to incorporate a new promotion to help their Partners get more money by pimping out Xbox Game Pass. You can read part of the blog below, but essentially, their latest program gives Mixer Partners a $3 kickback for getting people to sign up for Xbox Game Pass. That’s an interesting […]

“Destroy All Humans!” Remake Coming to Consoles in 2020, Will Also Run on Google’s Stadia

“Destroy All Humans!” Remake Will Be Coming In 2020

Remember Destroy All Humans!? It was a fun Playstation 2 and Xbox game where you played a mean little alien who comes to Earth to, well, DESTROY ALL HUMANS! It takes inspiration from 1950s alien invasion and flying saucer movies and pulp science fiction. Who didn’t want to play an alien who came to harvest […]


“PUBG” Officially Gets Cross-Network Play On Console

PS4 and Xbox One players rejoice, another game has finally received crossplay, as PUBG joins in for some cross-network fun this fall. The company didn’t give all the details as to how this worked out between Microsoft and Sony, but essentially they are currently in the development phases with testing coming soon. According to the […]

Inside Xbox Announces Their Return To Gamescom 2019

Inside Xbox Announces Their Return To Gamescom 2019

Xbox has a big announcement of sorts this week as they let fans know that Inside Xbox would be making a return at Gamescom 2019. The show will be bringing fans of the console news and info from Cologne, Germany on Monday, August 19th. We have details for you below on the plans for the […]

Has the Console Wars Gone Stagnant? [OPINION]

Opinion: Has The Console Wars Gone Stagnant?

Is there any place really to go left in the console war? Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo seem to do everything they can in this copycat industry. Sony and Microsoft’s consoles the PlayStation and Xbox go neck-to-neck when it comes to physical capabilities and adopting similar technology, while Nintendo’s achieved what they always wanted with the […]

GAEMS Will Launch The Guardian Pro XP In North America

GAEMS Will Launch The Guardian Pro XP In North America

For those of you who need to take your console with you, GAMES has announced that the Guardian Pro XP will launch in North America. These cases are basically a reinforced Haliburton for your either your PS4 or Xbox One with a built-in monitor and several ways to stream live or capture from the deck. […]

We Have A Launch Date For "The Bard's Tale IV: Director's Cut"

We Have A Launch Date For “The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut”

We got some cool news from inXile Entertainment last week as they revealed when we’d be seeing The Bard’s Tale IV: Director’s Cut released. The game will be coming out on Xbox Game Pass, the PlayStation Store, digital PC shops for Windows, Mac, and Linux on August 27th. Plus, retail copies for PS4 and XboxOne […]

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“Black Desert” Releases The New Ninja Class Today

Pearl Abyss has officially brought out the Ninja character class to Black Desert today, along with some new skills and features to the console version. This is like having a monk character with a bit more stealth on your side as you can hide in plain sight and strike quickly, while also debuffing your targets. […]

"Cuphead" Will Be Receiving DLC Called "The Delicious Last Course"

“Cuphead” Will Be Receiving DLC Called “The Delicious Last Course”

Studio MDHR is planning to go out with a bang on Cuphead as the developers have announced a final DLC package for the game with “The Delicious Last Course”. The expansion was originally set to come out this year, but according to Xbox Wire, it has now been pushed back to 2020. Along with a […]

Xbox Games With Gold

Xbox Reveals Their “Games With Gold” Titles For July 2019

Before we dive into July tomorrow, Xbox revealed all of the games they will be including for their Games With Gold program next month. This month is actually looking alright as you’re getting four games between July 1st-31st with Inside, Big Crown: Showdown, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, and Meet The Robinsons. Inside is the […]

Gears 5 Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

“Gears 5” Will Have You Earn Content Instead Of Buying It

It looks like Gears 5 is going to head in a much different direction when it comes to bonus content as you won’t be paying for it, you’ll need to earn it. In a brand new blog post, the developers at The Coalition laid out the foundation for what they’ll be doing with content in […]

A Bloody Groundhog Day: We Played "12 Minutes" At E3 2019

A Bloody Groundhog Day: We Played “12 Minutes” At E3 2019

For this year’s E3, we were only able to book one appointment with Xbox at the Microsoft Theater, so we took advantage of it and checked out 12 Minutes. Developed by Annapurna Interactive, the game has you playing a husband just coming home from work where your wife has a special surprise for you during […]

Square Enix: “Final Fantasy VIII” Gets Remastered Release

Square Enix: “Final Fantasy VIII” Gets Remastered Release

Square Enix announced Final Fantasy VIII will be getting a remaster at the 2019 E3 Conference. Earlier in the year, the company announced multiplatform ports for current generation consoles Sony Playstation 4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One ports with Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, and XII, Mysteriously absent until E3 was Final Fantasy VIII, now […]

[E3] Sega's "Phantasy Star Online 2" Blasts Its Way to Xbox One

[E3] Sega’s “Phantasy Star Online 2” Blasts Its Way to Xbox One

Sega’s MMORPG phenom in Phantasy Star Online 2 will finally be making its debut on Xbox One with Microsoft’s 2019 E3 coverage unveiled its latest trailer. Already released for the Sony Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch, the game was unveiled that was initially released in Japan in 2012. Phantasy Star Online 2 still holds up […]

Microsoft Talks About Cloud Gaming With XCloud At E3 2019

Microsoft Talks About Cloud Gaming With XCloud At E3 2019

During the E3 2019 Xbox Briefing, the company touched on their brand new cloud gaming service on the way this fall with XCloud. They talked about two new ways to play, the first being Console Streaming, which turns your Xbox One into a personal and free XCloud server. You’ll be able to play whatever games […]

[E3] Techland's Dying Light 2 Micromanages Survivor Horror

[E3] Techland’s Dying Light 2 Micromanages Survivor Horror

At the XBox E3 presentation, Technland unveiled its latest trailer for Dying Light 2, which as Aiden, you make choices for what’s best for your colony as you leap from building-to-building a la Assassin’s Creed. Build on the Chrone engine, the dsytopian future shows many dilapidated buildings as the local populace tries to live their lives […]

Bandai Namco Premiere “Dragon Ball Z Kakarot” at E3 2019 Xbox Briefing

Bandai Namco finally revealed what their Project Z game was as they showed off Dragon Ball Z Kakarot at the E3 2019 Xbox Briefing today. The trailer shows off what will be an action RPG game where you will relive the greatest storylines in the Dragon Ball Z pantheon. Whether or not it will take […]