Xbox Game Studios Rumored To Have Game Awards Reveals

Xbox Game Studios Rumored To Have Game Awards Reveals

We’re starting off the first part of December with Xbox Game Studios being the first rumored group to be holding reveals at The Game Awards. The rumor stems from an interview with Windows Central, who chatted with Xbox Game Studios head Matt Booty about a few projects. Leading many on social media to speculate that […]

Project Scarlett Will Supposedly Get a New First-Party Game Every Few Months

Project Scarlett Will Supposedly Get a New First-Party Game Every Few Months

Xbox’s upcoming Project Scarlett has an impressive release schedule on the horizon. Matt Booty, head of Xbox Game Studios, lined out Microsoft’s plans for holiday 2020 and beyond for Scarlett’s new titles in an interview with GamesRadar. “We feel really good heading into 2020,” Booty said. “We’ve got a goal of being able to deliver […]

Valve Releases New Details About "Half-Lyfe: Alyx"

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Has Apparently Already Played “Half-Life: Alyx”

There are a lot of people out there looking forward to giving Half-Life: Alyx a try, just for a few moments. Apparently, Xbox’s Phil Spencer already did. Ever since the game was announced, there have been rumors and threads and discussions from fans about what the game will contain. A lot of it is speculation […]

Xbox Reveales Their December 2019 Games With Gold

Xbox Revealed Their December 2019 Games With Gold

It’s going to be an interesting month in December for Xbox’s Games With Gold program as there are four cool titles here that really don’t flow together. The four that Microsoft has chosen for this month are Jurassic World Evolution, Toy Story 3, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate HD, and Insane Robots. […]

Xbox's Phil Spencer Confirms Some Of Scarlet's Goals

Xbox’s Phil Spencer Confirms Some Of Project Scarlett’s Goals

During XO19, Xbox’s Phil Spencer made himself available to a number of press outlets, and in the process, we got some cool info on Project Scarlett. Stevivor recently posted their interview with Spencer, which gave us two new insights into what they have planned. First and foremost, they’re working to make every Xbox game backward […]

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Microsoft Rolled Out A New Update For Xbox One In November

During XO19, Microsoft rolled out a new update for the Xbox One, which included newly added support for Google Assistant. Among the changes are gamertag improvements, text filters, an improvement to Mixer viewing (if you watch Mixer on your Xbox One), the sorely needed voice-to-text option, and more. You can read more about it all […]

The "Kingdom Hearts" Series Will Come To Xbox In 2020.

The “Kingdom Hearts” Series Will Come To Xbox In 2020

Some cool news over the weekend from XO19 as the entire Kingdom Hearts series will be coming to all Xbox systems in 2020. The move comes from Square Enix who saw the success KH3 had on a console outside of the PlayStation and decided it was time to properly add the games to the console. […]

Annapurna Interactive & Variable State Unveil Last Stop At XO19

Annapurna Interactive & Variable State Unveil Last Stop At XO19

During XO19 in London, Annapurna Interactive and Variable State revealed their latest adventure coming to the Xbox One with Last Stop. The game explores three different storylines all tied into each other in different ways. The game fittingly enough takes place in present-day London as you will experience three different stories from a set of […]

Dontnod Entertainment Announces “Tell Me Why” At XO19

The folks over at Dontnot Entertainment announced a brand new IP this week at XO19 called Tell Me Why. This one will be a narrative-based, “true-to-life” game, in which two twins explore their past and try to unravel what the hell happened to them in their messed up childhood. The game looks and feels like […]

We Tried Out "Final Fantasy VII Remake" At PAX West 2019

The “Final Fantasy” Series Will Come To Xbox Game Pass In 2020

Some cool news out of XO19 in London this week as Square Enix will be bringing several Final Fantasy titles to Xbox Game Pass. The series has been on Xbox consoles before, so it isn’t exactly new territory. But what is interesting are the specific games we’re going to get. As of right now, the […]

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Microsoft Promoting Major Episode Of “Inside Xbox” At XO19

Microsoft are apparently rolling out everything for Xo19 this year, including a major episode of Inside Xbox they’re saying will be the biggest of 2019. The show will have a ton of announcements from the convention, including featuring 12 games from Xbox Game Studios. The episode will run on Thursday, November 14th, starting at 3pm […]

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Microsoft Reveals All 24 Playable Games At XO19

Before XO19 kicks off in London, Microsoft went ahead and revealed all 24 games you will be able to play live at the event. A lot of the games are pretty predictable, but we threw down some of the more interesting ones below. As weird as it sounds, SkateBird looks amazing, Haven (The Game Bakers) Share […]

November's Xbox Games with Gold Include "Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter"

November’s Xbox Games with Gold Include “Star Wars: Jedi Starfighter”

Xbox Games with Gold titles return for November with a whole new set of games to add to your collection. There’s a decent amount of stuff to play this coming month, so make sure you make it a point to nab everything coming down the pipeline.   This time around, here’s what you can expect: […]

Xbox Insiders Can Try Xbox Console Streaming Now

Xbox Insiders Can Try Xbox Console Streaming Now

Can’t wait to see how Xbox Console Streaming works? The wait is over, as long as you’re an Xbox Insider. Microsoft announced that Insiders in the Alpha and Alpha Skip-Ahead rings in the US and Uk are eligible for a preview. Xbox Console Streaming lets you play your Xbox One titles from your console on […]

Microsoft Reveals A New X019 Exclusive Xbox Controller

Microsoft Reveals A New X019 Exclusive Xbox Controller

Microsoft released details today about their next exclusive Xbox One controller as XO19 will be getting its own special design at the event. The company revealed the special design today, designed with help from DPM Studios who gave it this green and gray aquabrush appearance for the camouflage look. We have more info on it […]

Microsoft Says Xbox Game Pass Users Buy More Games and Play More Genres

Microsoft Says Xbox Game Pass Users Buy More Games & Play More Genres

According to Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass is making quite the splash. According to ID@Xbox’s Agostino Simonetta, on average, Game Pass subscribers play 40% more games and 30% more genres than they did before becoming members. According to Simonetta, “when a title goes into Game Pass, [Microsoft] sees an average of six time increase in usage […]

Microsoft & Taco Bell Are Partnering Again To Give Away An Xbox One

Microsoft & Taco Bell Partner Again To Give Away An Xbox One Bundle

It seems like every year, Taco Bell and Microsoft get together and mix gaming and tacos for a contest. They’re doing it again for an Xbox One bundle. But this isn’t some ordinary bundle. Along with this Eclipse Limited-Edition Xbox One in a special Taco Bell box, they’re adding in an Elite Wireless Controller Series […]

Microsoft’s New Text Swear Filter Is Out Now, You Potty Mouths

Microsoft is looking to make your online Xbox experience a bit more pleasant. In a new Xbox Wire blog post, the company expressed its desire to build a more “positive gaming community.” How is it planning to achieve that goal? Introducing text filters that let you change up the level of potentially offensive content you […]

Microsoft's E3 2019 Presentation Will Show Off 14 First Party Games

Microsoft Announces An Xbox One Update For October 2019

This morning, Microsoft announced all the details for an upcoming update to Xbox One, which will hit the console sometime this month. While the company hasn’t put an official release date on it, they did give a preview of what’s to come, some of which we have for you here. The big addition is that […]

Xbox Will Expand Voice Capabilities With Google Assistant

Microsoft announced today that they would be rolling out a new beta on to add support and better voice capabilities for Google Assistant. The company made the call from consumer feedback, and have decided to act on it to better suit the needs of their community. Below are some of the details from today’s announcement […]