Marvel's Spider-Man for PlayStation is Tackling the Sinister Six

Marvel’s Spider-Man for PlayStation is Tackling the Sinister Six

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We knew we would end up seeing something from Marvel’s Spider-Man during the PlayStation press conference, but we really didn’t expect this. Aside from getting a full video with bits of gameplay featuring Spider-Man making his way through The Raft just off the shore of Manhattan, Electro seems to be breaking out some familiar foes. And as the trailer progresses, it’s clear that he seems to be breaking out villains who are members of the Sinister Six. Or, at least, a new version of the group.

credit//Insomniac Games

As the trailer progresses you get four of the regular members in the form of Electro, Rhino, Scorpion, and The Vulture. At a specific point, you hear five of his biggest enemies have been broken out, but they don’t say who the fifth is, and then moments later you see Mr. Negative joining him on a roof. So either Mr. Negative got locked up before joining them on the roof, or the fifth is the final person we don’t see off screen who makes the six whole. Feel free to speculate as to who it is, as they clearly didn’t get Mysterio and a hovering light could be either Green Goblin or Hobgoblin.

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